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Almond Flour (Blanched) - Sincerely Nuts
Almond Flour (Blanched)

Almond Flour (Blanched)


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    Almond Flour Blanched

    Blanched almond flour combines low carbs, nutty flavor, and a wholesome fix of nutrients, to make it the perfect alternative to wheat flour. Our gluten free almond flour gives a delicious touch to cookies, muffins, bread, and pancakes while serving as a mouthwatering coating for fish and beef. We ensure every bag is diligently packed, giving you the confidence to buy almond flour in bulk and expect unrivaled freshness.

    Make Delicious Foods Using Almond Flour

    If you have a gluten intolerance or allergy and are looking for alternatives to traditional wheat flour, almond flour is a great choice. Blanched almond flour from Sincerely Nuts is made from the best-quality almonds — a difference you can taste.

    Almond flour isn’t just for those who can’t eat wheat flour. This ingredient gives baked goods and savory dishes a nutty, more unique taste. It can really help bring out the other flavors in a variety of different foods. You can make your favorite things using almond flour, like brownies, scones, macarons and more. Pick up some blanched almond flour in bulk to get experimenting!

    Health Benefits of Almonds

    Almonds make great snacks even just by themselves. Roast them in some different flavors or just lightly salt them, and you have a healthier and tasty snack. When you buy blanched almond flour from Sincerely Nuts, you’ll enjoy many of the same benefits.

    When almonds are ground down into flour, these qualities don’t just go away. When you bake and cook using almond flour, you can enjoy these benefits:

    1. Lower Cholesterol: The healthy monounsaturated fat in blanched almond meal flour has been proven to reduce harmful levels of LDL, commonly referred to as 'bad' cholesterol. According to the Nurses Health Study, the monounsaturated fat not only lowers LDL but promotes healthy levels of HDL that is beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

    2. Rich in Minerals: Almonds contain copper, manganese, phosphorous, biotin and hard-to-get magnesium. The magnesium content, with a quarter-cup serving providing 15% of the recommended dietary intake, helps to regulate blood sugar and control blood pressure.

    3. Powerful Antioxidants:23 grams of almonds provide 40% of the recommended intake of vitamin E, which is crucial in the body to prevent harmful oxidation of cells by free radicals. Vitamin E is a key nutrient in preventing atherosclerosis, caused by the oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) through the action of harmful free radicals.

    4. Weight Management: With almond flour bulk consisting of 12.5% fiber, treats baked using it can be helpful in controlling weight. Fiber promotes a feeling of fullness, which when combined with the high protein content, reduces high-calorie intake during meals. Only 85-90% of the calories present in almonds are actually absorbed into the body, making them an ideal weight loss snack.

    Sincerely Nuts is your best source to buy almond flour online, all thanks to the unmatched quality of the best almonds the USA has to offer!