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Apples have been a household snacking staple for centuries. However, it isn’t always convenient to take apples with you wherever you go. Now, you can enjoy your apples whenever, wherever when you buy dried apple slices.

Our apples have been dried at the peak of freshness, ensuring you get all the delicious goodness from this popular fruit. With every bite, you’ll taste the commitment we bring to delivering you only the best without exception.

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Great for On-The-Go Treats

Why reach for unhealthy munchies when you can feel good about indulging your sweet tooth with dried apples? Our varieties include organic dried apples, naturally tart dried apples and dried apple rings. We also offer diced dried apples, which perfectly complement yogurt, oatmeal, cereal and salads.

Stop worrying about your waistline and start eating better. You’ll appreciate the way you feel, and your body will benefit from the nutritional value of dried apples.

Try All the Varieties of Dried Apples

They say variety is the spice of life, and we definitely agree. That’s one of the reasons that we offer several types of dried apples. From slices to rings to diced apple bits, you’ll get the apple deliciousness you want… and nothing that you don’t. Our apples taste so incredible that you’ll swear they came right from the tree!

Increase Your Nutrition With Apples

Packed with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins, apples are a staple of a healthy diet. Eat them every day to “keep the doctor away” and help your body recover from the rigors of life. They’re a great restorative snack after a workout, or as a no-guilt snack at the end of a busy day. When you introduce more fruit, including dried apples, into your diet, you’ll feel better about the foods you eat.

Don’t forget that dried apples are winners among kids. Young children may find it much easier to nibble on dried apples instead of biting into fruit. Treat them to something sweet and satisfying.

Order your favorite types and buy all your dried apple slices, diced bits and rings from Sincerely Nuts today.