Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices are delectable candies loaded with flavor. Sincerely Nuts offer a toothsome range of fruit slices, including cherry slices, orange slices, gum drops, spice drops, spearmint leaves, mint fruit slices, large fruit slice, jelly rings and Sunkist fruit gems. They contain natural and artificial ingredients that offer the realistic fruit flavors. They have great texture and taste awesome. They are free from cholesterol, so they are ideal alternatives to sweets and desserts. Whenever you feel bored or want to indulge your sweet tooth without forcing your body to turn on the fat switch, these yummy fruit slices are the best option.

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Cherry and Orange Slices

Fruit Slices from Sincerely Nuts are available in fun colors and flavors. Cherry slices are juicy and flavorsome. They contain corn syrup, natural flavor and artificial color. If you love the taste and flavor of orange, the chewy orange fruit slices will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. They are ideal for parties and holidays. You can place your order for 1 LB bag, 5 LB bag or 30 LB case conveniently online.

Jelly Rings

Jelly rings are an all time favorite among sweet treat connoisseurs. The fine dark chocolate covered jelly rings come in awesome colors that will not only attract your kids, but also adults in your family. They are great for your everyday candy dish. They also make an excellent holiday gift.

Spearmint Leaves

If you love the freshness and flavor of mint, you will surely love spearmint leaves from Sincerely Nuts. They are chewy, yummy and sugary. Featuring the shape of spearmint leaves, these cute candies will please everyone's palette. They are ideal for sports and birthday parties.

Mini and Large Fruit Slice

Mini fruit slices come in a delectable range of flavors like raspberry, orange, lime, lemon and watermelon and awesome colors. These mini bite size treats are juicy and chewy. Pop a slice into your mouth after meal to indulge the child in you. Large fruit slices are succulent, sugary and chewy, creating a classic taste. They have delicious taste and excellent texture. Satisfy your sugar carvings year round with these fruit slices. They come in assorted colors and flavors.

Gum Drops and Spice Drops

Gum drops from Sincerely Nuts offer a lot of fun. These soft and chewy candies offer a nostalgic experience. They come in a wide range of colors and flavors. These flavorsome gum drops let you get the full enjoyment of life's sensuality. They are free from fat and cholesterol, so enjoy them without feeling guilty.

Sunkist Fruit Gems

Sunkist Fruit Gems are yummy and tangy gel candies that treat you with fruity Sunkist flavors. They come in an array of flavors like lemon, blueberry, pink grapefruit and raspberry. The colors are very natural and attractive. These soft jellies covered with granulated sugar are fresh and zesty.

Fruit Slices, jellies and gems from Sincerely Nuts are all time favorites that let you satisfy your sugar cravings without increasing your fat. These fantastic candies are ideal for holiday parties or for just after meal sweet treat.