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Flavored Chips

Sincerely Nuts offers some of the best flavored chips. These chips make for a great snack at any time of the day. You can consume them with other varieties of food items. More often than not, flavored chips are a part of different deserts. You can make a combination of these chips with relevant ice-cream flavors as well.

Sincerely Nuts offers flavored chips in a wide array of choices. As of now, you will find three amazing varieties. Each of them is unique in terms of taste. Here are the three forms of flavored chips available at Sincerely Nuts.

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Peanut Butter Chips

The peanut butter chips that Sincerely Nuts have on offer are actually made out of pure peanut butter. More often than not, you will come across flavored chips that make use of artificial flavoring tactics. However, this is not the case with Sincerely Nuts. Peanut butter chips taste best with fruit, yogurt or even ice cream. You can also use them in different smoothies’ recipes. You can store this form of flavored chips for a period of 6 months. Try avoiding storage in a refrigerator. Instead, opt for a dry and cool place.

At Sincerely Nuts, you get a chance to buy peanut butter chips at an extremely reasonable rate. You can order a 1 lb bag for just $3.99. There are not too many websites that will present you with such an outstanding offer.

White Cookie Chips

This is another very popular variety of flavored chips. White cookie chips are famous and are sold at a rapid rate at Sincerely Nuts. One of the highlights of this form of flavored chips is that they literally melt in your mouth. Their texture is extremely smooth. They can be used as ideal toppings over yogurt and ice-cream. You can also make use of these chips in any other recipe that requires white chocolate topping. On the other hand, you can even have these chips without making them a part of any recipe. Just pull them out of the bag and start munching on them. What makes Sincerely Nuts a fantastic place to buy flavored chips is its pricing. You can buy 1 lb bag of white cookie chips for just $4.99, an offer that you would seldom get elsewhere.

Butterscotch Chips

If butterscotch is a flavor that makes you go weak in your knees, you should definitely try the butterscotch chips that Sincerely Nuts has on offer. This is one of the highest selling products here and it is certainly worth giving a try. These chips are small in size and they are filled with butterscotch. Hence, with each bite, your tongue gets filled with the flavor, making it a divine experience for you. You can mix these chips in ice-cream, yogurt as well as cookies. These chips can be a part of many other baking recipes as well. At Sincerely Nuts, you can buy 1 lb bag of butterscotch chips for just $4.99.

Apart from flavored chips, you will come across some of the best dark chocolate, milk chocolate and carob at Sincerely Nuts.