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Licorice candy from Sincerely Nuts has a unique flavor and texture. It is a healthy alternative to sugar candies, fries and desserts. Sincerely Nuts offer licorice candies in yummy varieties to satisfy every taste buds. Black licorice wheels, red licorice wheels, licorice sugar free, licorice laces and licorice bites are some of the delectable varieties that let you pamper your sweet tooth. They are also spectacular for special occasions like birthdays, baby shower and family celebrations. Licorice is good for health as well.

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Black Licorice Wheels

Black licorice wheels from Sincerely Nuts have a classic licorice flavor and taste. The licorice laces are rolled to make a wheel. In addition to indulge your taste buds, they provide you with iron and calcium. Studies show that black licorice candies can help regulate and control sugar levels in blood. They help raise your blood glucose levels quickly, which help people with poor eating habits.

Red Licorice Wheels

Red licorice wheels have a great texture and bright color, which make them perfect for party decorations. If you suffer from any digestive problems, you can take these wheels after meals. The mild laxative effect of licorice helps regulate the digestive tract. They taste best with the cup of coffee.

Licorice Sugar Free

Sugar free version of licorice wheels are great for anyone who want to enjoy the classic licorice bites that they have enjoyed as a kid but without sugar. They are tasty and natural choice for diabetes patients. They are soft and chewy and they offer you a chance to taste the bites without the guilt.

Licorice Laces

High quality licorice laces from Sincerely Nuts are available in bright red and black colors. They look attractive and taste yummy. They are ideal for themed parties.  You can use them to decorate cakes and cookies. Bring a gleam of joy in your child’s eyes by gifting him/her a bag of soft, long and chewy licorice laces.

Licorice Bites

If you love licorice, you will definitely love the licorice bites. The sweet and chewy licorice bits cut into bite shaped pieces are great after meal snack. Licorice bites come in cherry and watermelon flavors as well. These low fat snacks taste delicious and help you curb your cravings for unhealthy sweets and desserts. They are rich and moist. They make your mouth fresh and create a satisfied feeling.

Licorice Twizzlers

Licorice twizzlers come in various flavors, including cherry, strawberry and chocolate. Chocolate licorice twizzlers are excellent treat for both licorice and chocolate lovers. Savor a bag full of tasty licorice twizzlers blended with cherry, strawberry or chocolate flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Licorice candies from Sincerely Nuts not only make your mouth happy, but they also break any unhealthy habits like nail biting and cigarette smoking. Whenever you feel like taking some snacks, toss the laces or wheels into your mouth and enjoy the awesome taste and flavor. You can now buy the licorice candies conveniently online. Sincerely Nuts let you buy the candies in 1 LB or 5LB bag.