Edamame Dried (Roasted, Salted) - Sincerely Nuts
Edamame Dried (Roasted, Salted) - Sincerely Nuts
Edamame Dried (Roasted, Salted)

Edamame Dried (Roasted, Salted)

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    Dry Roasted Salted Edamame

    Edamame are soy beans picked in the initial stages of ripening, and come packed with a concentrated serving of healthy nutrients. Soy beans have their roots in the Far East, where they have been grown for thousands of years. And we pay homage to this time-tested food by sourcing the best edamame beans from China to give you superior quality you'll love. We then masterfully dry roast the beans and add a light touch of salt, creating a treat that tastes delicious in salads and makes a great snack to always have in the pantry. Dry roasted and salted edamame is nutrient-rich, containing minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, heart-healthy fats and an exceptional amount of protein in every serving. In fact, similar to animal protein, these green soybeans contain all the essential amino acids.

    Buy Dried Edamame Beans Online and Jazz up Your Midday Snack Routine

    Do you often hit a midday energy slump and reach for a sugar-filled latte or candy bar to perk you up? Instead of eating something that will have you crashing a couple hours later, opt for a handful of our dried edamame beans. With a mix of protein and fiber, they’ll spark your energy and fill you up, keeping you satiated until dinnertime. Plus, you can keep a bag at the office, in the car or in your purse to have on hand when you get hungry away from home.

    Even the most finicky kids love dried edamame. They have the crunch of a potato chip and the saltiness of a pretzel. Your children will start begging for them after school, and they don’t have to know they’re healthy. You can feel good about feeding your family edamame.

    Health Benefits of Edamame

    1. Protein Rich: A three-quarter cup of edamame contains 25 grams of protein. And unlike other plant protein sources that lack lysine, these beans provide all the 8 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein.

    2. Heart Healthy: Dried edamame contains healthy monounsaturated fats that have been linked to improved heart health. According to the Physicians' Health Study, the fats lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise those of HDL (good) cholesterol.

    3. Minerals and Vitamins: These beans provide magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorous and iron. The minerals aid in bone development, energy production, blood sugar control and utilization of red blood cells. Edamame also contains vitamins B2 and K.

    4. Powerful Antioxidants: Green soybeans are particularly rich in isoflavones, with a 3/4 cup providing 138mg of these antioxidants. They protect cells in the body by neutralizing the action of harmful free radicals. They also slow down rancidity, allowing you to safely buy dried roasted salted edamame in bulk.

    Our careful packaging perfectly seals the delicious flavor and wholesome goodness, making us your best source to buy salted dry roasted edamame online.