Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted - Sincerely Nuts
Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted - Sincerely Nuts
Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted

Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted

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    Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted

    These unsalted roasted cashews are jumbo-sized and full of mouthwatering nutty flavor. The perfect substitute for unhealthy snacks, this treat packs a nutritious fix of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats.

    When you enjoy cashews as a snack or part of a meal, you get a number of nutritional advantages. That fiber keeps you full for hours, which can also assist with weight loss. You can kill cravings when you don't have any desire to eat. Plus, the protein you get with cashews also keeps you satiated and reduces the chances of snacking on unhealthy food between meals.

    Add Jumbo Cashews Roasted Unsalted to Your Favorite Dishes

    Snacking on cashews makes a great option, but you can also enjoy these nuts in your meals. How do you incorporate cashews into what you are cooking? You can try them in almost anything. The rich flavor of cashews makes them an ideal addition to chicken, veggies and salads. Here are a few suggestions for fun ways to use our roasted unsalted jumbo cashews:

    • Cashew Chicken: Whip up this classic Chinese dish and use leftover veggies from other meals to also clean out your fridge.
    • ashew Oatmeal: You can kick up an everyday dish by chopping our cashews and adding them along with milk and chopped dried apricots as well.
    • Cashew Yogurt Parfaits: Cashews make an excellent complement to raspberry- or strawberry-flavored yogurt. Layer the two along with fruit to get an after-school snack your kids will scoop up.

    Cashews taste meaty and hearty. You can mash them up and use them as a substitute for meat, too. Try cashew tacos, cooking the nuts with a combination of spices and chopped vegetables. Use your imagination to come up with new ways to eat jumbo cashews, and remember that you can always toss them in a trail mix for the quickest option.

    Health Benefits of Cashews

    1. Lower Cholesterol: According to the Iowa Health Study, monounsaturated fatty acids can lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. And these healthy fats make up 66% of unsalted cashews roasted fat content. Apart from lowering LDL, they also raise levels of HDL (good) cholesterol to create a heart-friendly ratio.

    2. Rich in Copper: A quarter-cup serving of cashews unsalted roasted provide 98% of the recommended dietary intake of copper. This mineral is essential in the body for the development of bones and connective tissue, melanin production, and iron utilization. A deficiency in copper can lead to elevated cholesterol levels and weakened immunity.

    3. Circulatory Health: Cashew roasted unsalted contains good levels of copper and iron that are important in maintaining the health of the circulatory system. The nutrients promote production of red blood cells and ensure their optimal utilization. The nuts are also rich in vitamin K, which helps in the clotting of blood after injury; and arginine, which protects the inner arterial walls from damage.

    4. Healthy Bone Formation: Cashews provide a recommended daily intake of 34% phosphorous and 29% magnesium in every quarter cup. Both of the minerals are crucial in the formation of bones and teeth, with phosphorous also aiding in protein synthesis and cellular health.

    Buy Unsalted Jumbo Cashews Online

    Sincerely Nuts is your best source to buy jumbo roasted unsalted cashews online due to our scrumptious mix of premium quality and unmatched freshness in every crunch. When you buy in bulk, you not only stock your pantry, but you also save money on the price per pound. You also qualify for free shipping when you spend more than $60. And with our diligent packaging, you can confidently buy bulk cashews roasted unsalted and enjoy uncompromised taste and texture for up to 6 months. Contact us today to place your order.