Milk Chocolate Malt Balls - Sincerely Nuts
Milk Chocolate Malt Balls - Sincerely Nuts

Milk Chocolate Malt Balls

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    Milk Chocolate Malt Balls

    If you are a true chocolate lover, the milk chocolate malt balls are the answer to your snack cravings. Discover the best of chocolaty delight with a handful of this milk chocolate malt balls that are made to give your appetite an exotic experience. Be it a happening party or a leisurely afternoon, set the mood right with some malt balls of milk chocolate. Made of corn syrup, sugar, chocolate liquor, vanilla, milk powder, artificial flavoring and confectioner’s sweetener, a one-pound pack of this milk chocolate contains 50 pieces. You can even preserve it for up to 6 months, without needing to refrigerate it.

    Buy milk chocolate malt balls today in one-pound, five-pound or 20-pound bags.

    Use Milk Chocolate Malt Balls for Baking

    Aside from just being wonderful to snack on out of the bag, milk chocolate malt balls can be useful to any creative baker.

    Looking for interesting and unique ways to spruce up recipes with milk chocolate malt balls purchased from Sincerely Nuts? Check out these possibilities:

    • Add crushed milk chocolate malt balls to batters and cookie dough.
    • Top iced cakes, cookies and pies with crushed milk chocolate malt balls.
    • Add whole milk chocolate malt balls to smoothies, then blend to perfection.
    • Sprinkle crushed or crumbled milk chocolate malt balls onto sundaes for a supremely fresh taste.
    • Top yogurt with milk chocolate malt ball pieces.

    As you become more accustomed to turning to your supply of milk chocolate malt balls to enhance your favorite recipes, you will find tons of uses for these tasty gems!

    Make a Memorable Trail Mix With Milk Chocolate Malt Balls as a Base

    It can be tremendously fun to whip up your own unique trail mix to munch on when traveling, hiking, biking, exercising or just relaxing.

    Milk chocolate malt balls can be a perfect base ingredient for your one-of-a-kind trail mix. Then, incorporate other items to flesh out the textures and nutrition levels of your mix.

    Want some ideas for items that go perfectly with milk chocolate malt balls in any trail mix?

    • Nuts. Go beyond mere peanuts and add almonds, pecans, walnuts, shelled pistachios and more.
    • Dried fruits. Although raisins are a terrific start, remember that plenty of fruits are delectable when they are dried. Experiment with dried strawberries, pieces of figs, dates, currants, blueberries and tart cranberries.
    • Corn nuts. These are salty snacks that make a nice, crunchy complement to the creaminess of milk chocolate malt balls. Sincerely Nuts offers them in a variety of flavors, so you can try each to see which suits your desires.
    • Seeds. To give yourself a healthy boost for your trail mix, explore the world of seeds. They not only add interesting tastes and textures, but they can really give you a tremendous vitamin uptick.
    • Candies. Jellies and gummy candies are two must-haves for many people who pull together trail mixes based on milk chocolate malt balls. What could be sweeter than all the sweet things you love in one bag?

    Buy milk chocolate malt balls made from premium ingredients today from Sincerely Nuts. All purchases over $60 receive free shipping, every day!