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Toffee Peanuts

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    Toffee Peanuts

    These toffee covered peanuts combine a mix between sweet, salty and crunchy that make them simply irresistible. Whether you munch them as an after-dinner treat or on your lunch break, you'll love the supreme freshness that makes Sincerely Nuts your best source to buy toffee peanuts online. And this mouthwatering freshness is made possible by picking the best peanuts from the USA and smothering them with a rich butter toffee coating made using the finest ingredients. And it isn't just about taste, these butternut peanuts are quite the healthy snack too! Every serving contains heart-healthy fats, numerous minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.

    Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in a Healthy Way With Toffee Peanuts

    Sincerely Nuts is known for freshness and high quality. When you purchase toffee peanuts from Sincerely Nuts, you receive a tasty treat you will want to share with your whole family — or maybe keep to yourself. It's okay if you don't want to share!

    These peanuts make an excellent alternative to traditional desserts. Most desserts are laden with fat, sugar and calories. Our toffee peanuts have essential health benefits combined with that distinctive flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can avoid cravings for dessert by enjoying our peanuts after a meal without feeling guilty. Peanuts contribute to lowering your risk of developing gallstones and also reduce cholesterol thanks to their high monosaturated fat content.

    Are you hosting an upcoming party or get-together where you need to provide snacks? Toffee peanuts offer the perfect finger foods to have on hand for your guests to munch on before the main course. They can enjoy a handful and gently curb their hunger while also getting a great dose of essential nutrients. Plus, you don't have to do any kitchen prep to get the peanuts ready. Just pour them into a dish and serve! That saves you a lot of time when getting ready to host an event.

    Health Benefits of Peanuts

    1. Heart Healthy: Peanuts are a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been linked to reduced cardiovascular problems. According to the Iowa Women's Health Study, these healthy fatty acids lower levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol while raising those of good (HDL) cholesterol.

    2. Powerful Antioxidants: Peanuts actually have a higher phenolic antioxidant content than apples and carrots. These crucial nutrients neutralize the action of free radicals in the body to prevent cell damage. Every 100-gram serving also provides about 8 grams of vitamin E, which prevents the harmful oxidation of LDL and slows down rancidity allowing you to safely buy butter toffee peanuts in bulk.

    3. Rich in Minerals: A quarter-cup serving of peanuts provides a recommended dietary intake of 47% copper, 36% manganese and 20% phosphorous. These minerals are involved in bone formation, energy production and red blood cell utilization.

    4. B-Complex Vitamins: Peanuts are a good source of niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and folates. They are instrumental in brain health, with their deficiency known to cause age-related cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer's.

    Buy the Best Toffee Peanuts From Sincerely Nuts

    By crunching on a handful of these nuts, you get to enjoy lip-smacking taste and wholesome goodness in one delicious swoop! Remember — it pays to purchase our toffee peanuts in bulk. We offer free shipping when you spend more than $60 on an order.