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Yogurt Almonds

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    Yogurt Covered Almonds

    Yogurt almonds are the perfect treat for the holidays and everything in between. With a decadent layer of yogurt coating the plumpest almonds, this snack is fit for any occasion that calls for a bit of scrumptiousness.
    This treat can keep without refrigeration for up to 6 months, allowing you to buy yogurt almonds in bulk without the risk of them quickly going stale.

    Having this staple on hand can be a relief when you need snacks in a hurry. Say your kids invite a few friends over after school without telling you. What will you feed a group of famished children? You can grab yogurt almonds, and everyone is happy.

    Buy Yogurt-Covered Almonds for a Dessert You Will Savor

    Many people have a sweet tooth. It can be challenging to walk the fine line between indulging that desire for a sugary fix and making sure you don't overindulge. After all, you don't want your excitement for dessert to lead to too many unneeded calories. When you eat yogurt-covered raisins, you get a dessert-like snack that's difficult to overeat. The fiber in the almonds makes you full, so you'll stop eating after just a few.

    Of course, these snacks are a terrific thing to have on-hand for other times, too — not just after a meal. You can snack on yogurt-covered almonds before your daily exercise routine. They have a solid dose of carbohydrates, which will give you the energy to complete your workout. The protein will also assist with recovery after you finish your final wind sprint or push up.

    You may take to keeping a stash of yogurt almonds in your desk at work. They make an ideal snack to munch on while you finish a project. Have you ever heard of almonds referred to as brain food? The high amounts of vitamin E in these nuts guard against cognitive decline, which means you foster better thinking when you enjoy them.

    Give Yogurt Almonds As Thank Yous at Your Next Party

    Are you hosting an upcoming kids' birthday party? Do you have a bridal shower coming up? Yogurt almonds make a nutritious and delicious party favor. Parents will be thrilled when you pull them out because they're so much healthier than the usual party giveaways, like candy or cookies.

    To make a fancy souvenir for your guests, follow these simple steps:

    • Buy multicolored cellophane bags and ribbons in matching shades
    • Add 15-20 yogurt almonds to each bag
    • Tie the ribbons around the ends of the bags
    • Use scissors to curl the ends of each ribbon

    When you hand out these fun favors to your guests, they'll want to dive right in. Another significant advantage to yogurt almonds is that they'll set your party apart. People will remember your choice to give out yogurt almonds instead of the usual fare. That may encourage others to get creative with their party favors, as well. After all, variety is the spice of life. You may inspire more of it by thinking outside the box.

    Health Benefits of Almonds

    1. Rich in Nutrients: Almonds contain magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, vitamin B2 and fiber, with the yogurt coating adding a bit of calcium. These nuts are also one of the best sources of vitamin E, with quarter a cup providing 40% of the recommended daily intake of this powerful antioxidant.

    2. Heart Healthy: According to the Adventist Health Study and Iowa Health Study, almond consumption has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease. This is linked to the healthy monounsaturated fats, which lower LDL cholesterol while maintaining good levels of HDL. The antioxidant actions of nutrients such as vitamin E also help in heart health by preventing atherosclerosis- the narrowing of arteries.

    3. Blood Sugar Regulation: A study by the American Diabetes Association has proven that adding nuts such as almonds to your diet can lead to better control of blood sugar. This can be pinned to the low levels of digestible carbohydrates, high fiber content, and magnesium, which has long been used to manage type II diabetes.

    4. Weight Management: With 3.5g of fiber and 6g of protein in one ounce, almonds increase satiety, reducing the chances of over-eating during a meal. In addition, only 85-90% of the calories present in the nuts are actually absorbed by the body, making them a good weight loss snack.
    FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

    Purchase Yogurt-Covered Almonds From Sincerely Nuts

    Sincerely Nuts is your best stop when looking to buy yogurt almonds online thanks to the incredible freshness in every bag! Our unique bagging system ensures that fresh taste remains for months, which means you can bulk up on our yogurt almonds to store in your pantry. Plus, when you purchase at least $60 of merchandise from Sincerely Nuts, you receive free shipping. Contact us today to place your order.