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Sincerely Nuts has a wide variety of dried fruits but what is it that makes this website so different? Today, there are many websites that offer probably a similar range of dried fruits but not many of them offer the same quality found at Sincerely Nuts. Dry fruits have been the world's favourite snacks for quite some time now and looking at the health benefits of dry fruits, this trend is only going to pick up further. One of the many popular dried fruits available at Sincerely Nuts is the ever so nutritious and delicious nectarines. Dried Nectarines have been a popular snacking choice since quite some time. Their natural sweetness makes for the perfect nutrition element in many desserts.

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While the ripe forms of nectarines are equally popular, what we are discovering here are the health benefits of these dried fruits. For those of you who don't know quite know what nectarines are, they are a kind of peach. However, nectarines are usually a tad smaller than most other varieties of peaches making them instantly identifiable. Though even ripe nectarines are nutritious, the dried variety is more popular owing to the higher calorie value. The reason for this is that when a fruit is dehydrated, most of its nutrients appear in a concentrated form making the fruit more effective with its health benefits.

A serving of dried nectarines can provide a reasonable calorie punch. A serving of 50 grams of dried nectarines provides up to 110 calories. On the other hand, if you have the same amount of fresh nectarines, you wouldn't get more than 25-30 calories out of it. However, a high calorie punch is not all this fruit can do. The following are some of the other health benefits of this delicious and scrumptious dried fruit.

Just like many other fruits, even dried nectarines are quite rich in carbohydrates. A 50 gram serving provides more than 20 grams of carbohydrates. This is an essential element to fuel the body with the required energy.

Dried nectarines also provide the same amount of sugar which is quite easy to break down by the body. However, you have to ensure you don’t let this get into the excess.

Dried nectarines are really rich in fibre and protein as well. While fibre is great for your digestive system, it also helps control cholesterol and blood sugar making it healthy for the heart. Proteins, on the other hand, are necessary for the production and upkeep of cells as well as tissues.

The mentioned benefits are only the ones discovered thus far. You can benefit more from other dried fruits available at Sincerely Nuts as well. Our range of dried fruits is extensive so you can rest assured that there's going to be something for everyone. There is no better way to merge the benefits of good health with culinary delight and Sincerely Nuts assures that they will take your experience to the next level with their range of high quality dried fruits. Order in bulk to take maximum advantage of our wholesale prices.