Looking for peanuts online? Well, your search for the ultimate resource for high quality peanuts in the widest variety of flavors at the most affordable prices ends here. There is no other nut that has attached itself to people like the peanut. Surprisingly, the peanut is actually not a nut but a legume. But who cares. As long as they look and taste like them and give you all the health benefits that any nut provides, why would you want to call them anything else?

Sincerely Nuts offers a wide range of high quality nuts that comes in assortments to please every collection of taste buds on the planet. When it comes to peanuts though, there is hardly anything you need to do to make them tempting. They are tempting on their own! Peanuts are just great for munching away over the TV or to add that special flavor to conversations with friends and family. You can try our peanuts in shell, blanched roasted salted, or the raw redskin version. These are great for stocking up, so you have a healthy snacking option at hand at any point in time or something for those guests who drop in out of nowhere.

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However, for our special customers who yearn for that extra punch of flavor, we offer a mouthwatering selection of assorted and processed peanuts. Go ga-ga over our toffee toasted peanuts or the heavenly peanuts honey roasted that simply explode in your mouth. Indulge yourself in our peanuts sugar toasted that make for a super addition to your ice cream. Our honey roasted peanuts are also in great demand for its distinct flavor. For those who play hostage to their sweet tooth, we have the peanuts sugar toasted and cinnamon toasted peanuts that we guarantee will take you to another planet you will never want to return from.

Our peanuts are selected from high quality sources, sorted and graded, and roasted at our facility to ensure that we create and preserve a taste that is distinctly enjoyed by our customers and that we do not lose an ounce of the valuable nutrition that these nuggets of nature provide.

You benefit immensely when you buy in bulk from our store. For most people, munching peanuts is a habit that is hard to kill. So, why waste your time and money running to the store every now and then when you can order your favorite munchies in bulk online at an amazingly low wholesale prices and have it delivered to your doorstep? If we are new to you, try our 1-pound bag to check us out and discover the extremely fun experience of shopping at