Originally trailmixes which are a combination of nuts and dry fruits were used as a snack by hikers and campers.  Slowly more ingredients’ were added to give trailmixes some variations. Chocolate crunches are a popular addition to trailmixes. This is loved by children who otherwise may not eat nuts and fruits. The best thing about trailmixes is they have the crunchiness of the nuts mixed with the soft succulence of dried fruits.

Sincerely Nuts has a whopping 27 varieties of trailmixes to choose from. This online store gives you a one stop shopping destination for all your snacking needs. The tropical mix gives you a feeling of being in Hawaii with the delicious combination of banana, pineapple, papaya, coconut dates nuts, cashews etc. this delightful snack stores up to six months in your refrigerator.
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For the lovers of spice wasabi blast mix is the perfect choice. This combines oriental rice crackers with the wasabi seasoning. Mustard is generally combined with wasabi to give that twist to the flavor. At Sincerely Nuts the wasabi trail mix is a popular choice for the buyers.  For the dieters there is the waist friendly mix which mixes almonds, cashews, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

For trailmixes with a difference you have yogurt treat mix which uses yogurt coated raisins and peanuts with dates. Raisins are the most nutritious of the dried fruits and apart from being low in sodium they are cholesterol free.

To enjoy the goodness of probiotic foods you can order for the probiotic mix which keeps the digestive system in shape. Crunchy probiotic chocolates, almonds, and peanuts, are mixed with roasted cranberries to give a new taste to trailmixes.

For that dried fruit lover who wants no nuts Sincerely Nuts offers the Jardin Ambrosia nature mix.  Dries fruits are succulent, soft, and chewy and can be eaten by children and elderly.  Simply order this mix online and enjoy fresh trailmixes of dried fruits. You can also use them as topping when needed.

Other interesting mixes offered at the online store are Hawaiian aloha, hikers mix, very berry mix, oriental nut mix, sweet and salty mix, almond supreme, cranberry mix and so on. However some trailmixes that catch the eye and top the list of popularity are the goji power mix and salad topper mix. Don’t we all love to have some toppings ready to whip up a salad at the last minute?

Sincerely Nuts combination of dried cranberry with honey roasted sesame sticks sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds double as a snack cum salad topping.

A novel choice of nuts and berries constitutes the goji power mix. It combines the goodness of nuts and dried fruits, pepitas, flax seeds and goji berries which gives the mix its name. Packed with health and goodness this is a favorite choice of all trailmixes at Sincerely Nuts. The store accepts all major credit cards and packs within the same day of your order under hygienic conditions.  You can use their toll free help line to follow up. With such an amazing variety of trailmixes you are sure to satisfy every one’s taste buds at home.