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Whether it is for those unexpected guests or for children or just for all those who love to munch there is no household which does not stack snacks.  All of us love snacking in between meals. Snacks are almost synonymous with children. Shop online at Sincerely Nuts to the see the difference in the taste and variety of snacks on offer. At Sincerely Nuts, we believe that snacking can be made healthy and make a difference in your quality of life. That is why we provide a variation in snacks which we may not find at a local store. You can order for healthy snacks like green bean chips which come in the form of crunchy chips that your children would love to bite into. The best part is that is it stores well in a cool dry place for as long as six months and hence there is no need to refrigerate it.

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For that spicy oriental flavor, try our wasabi peas. The peas have a stingy yet clean flavor which goes well with your cocktails and drinks. Hence it is a favorite when entertaining guests for dinner and drinks.  Another variation of the wasabi pea is the wasabi bean mix sold at Sincerely Nuts. For lovers of the famous Japanese edamame beans you can now have them from the comfort of your home, edamame beans with spicy wasabi seasoning.

With so much talk about the nutritional values of soya bean, the store has not forgotten to add them to their list of snacks.  For that pure fresh soya bean taste, you can prefer the soya bean snack at Sincerely Nuts and know at once how organically they have been processed and roasted.

A unique variety of chips found at the store is the okra chips. It is not only tasty but also something new to offer your children. It is crisp, high in fiber and a delight for people with diabetes as it aids in balancing the blood sugar. Most children have to be bribed to eat okra as a vegetable but you will be amazed how they take to the munchy avatar of this nutritious vegetable.

For some new toppings in salads and in cakes you can order flaky coconut chips. They are unsweetened and serve as a ready reckoner for any type of toppings or even while baking cakes and bread. Originally, coconut has the tendency to get spoilt fast however, these specially processed chips stay absolutely safe for up to six months under refrigeration.

The products are shipped within 24 hours of order. Sincerely Nuts accept most credit cards like Visa, Master, American Express and Discovery Cards. You can also pay through PayPal and Amazon. We provide for an effective way of shipping and delivery and products usually reach the customer in excellent condition. Yet if there are any issues you can make use of the toll free number and call customer service. The friendly staffs are always willing to sort your problems. You can refund any item if they have not been packed appropriately or if you received them unsealed. However conditions apply.