Raw Almonds (No Shell)

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    Raw Almonds No Shell

    Our shelled raw almonds are a mineral-packed treat filled with a delicious nutty flavor. A single serving delivers everything from magnesium, fiber, to one of the highest levels of vitamin E. The almonds raw nature is great for munching, crushing into nut butter, making almond milk, or baking into your favorite recipes. We make it easy for you to buy raw almonds in bulk, with the nuts keeping well under refrigeration for up to 6 months.

    Healthy Ways to Incorporate Raw Almonds Without Shells Into Your Daily Diet

    Almonds have so many health advantages, you should eat them as frequently as possible to reap their rewards. In addition to almond butter and almond milk, you can use almonds to make many other delicious recipes. You may want to consider:

    • Substituting Almonds for Pecans in Desserts: Almonds have a more distinctive flavor and will bring a new taste to anything you bake
    • Adding Almonds to Pasta Dishes: The crunch of the almonds nicely offsets the softness of the pasta, and you’ll find this a delicious way to liven up a dinner
    • Making Almond Pesto: Use almonds instead of pine nuts in your pesto for a different take on an old favorite

    In fact, you can use almonds in place of any other type of nuts in recipes. Making almond milk also offers a smart way to use your almonds when you buy in bulk, because you need a lot to get a decent-sized batch of the liquid.

    Health Benefits of Almonds

    1. Blood Sugar Regulation: Whole raw almonds are low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, and rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. This nutritional profile works to properly regulate blood sugar, managing conditions such as type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. These nuts also contain 15% of the recommended dietary intake of magnesium, which also plays a major role in controlling blood sugar.

    2. Mineral Rich: A quarter-cup serving consists of s recommended daily intake of 27% manganese, 26% copper, 16% phosphorous, and 40% vitamin E. This serving of vitamin E is one of the highest among all foods, with its antioxidant properties mitigating the harmful effects of free radicals, which helps to prevent conditions suchasatherosclerosis.

    3. Heart Health: According to the Adventist Health Study and Physicians Health Study, the monounsaturated fats found in almonds can reduce the risk of heart disease. LDL, the ''bad'' cholesterol responsible for heart problems, is lowered by these healthy fats, all while maintaining right levels of ''good'' cholesterol.

    4. Weight Management: A one ounce serving contains 3.5g of fiber, which makes up roughly 12.5% of raw almonds bulk. This fiber content coupled with the high protein serving depresses hunger cravings, leading to a lower calorie-intake.

    Purchase Raw Almonds in Bulk From Sincerely Nuts

    Buying in bulk can save you money. Not only can you stock up your pantry at a lower price for the more you buy, but you’ll also receive free shipping when you place an order of $60 or more. With a substantial supply of almonds, you won’t have to worry about running out when you’re baking or cooking. You can also snack on our almonds whenever you feel hunger start to gnaw at you — they’ll keep you full and satisfied for hours.

    We're your best source when looking to buy raw almonds online thanks to our strict quality control process that uses only the finest nuts. Browse our products below and make a purchase today!