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Wrapped Candy

Originating from the Arabic word “Qandi” meaning made from sugar, candies are everybody’s favorite munchies. The early French called them “cucre candi”, meaning infused with sugar. In Americas the word candy has a broader perspective and may include any fruit flavour coated with syrup and corn-starch, chocolate based confectioneries, jelly beans, and also fruits and nuts that are glazed with sugar. When they are wrapped and sold assorted each candy holds an element of surprise that you just can’t express in words. Sincerely Nuts offers a mouth-watering range of wrapped candies in an unimaginable range of flavors.

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Candies are a great treat and every kid has been bribed with candies for a work well done. Sometimes wrapped candies may contain artificial flavors within the permitted range.  Most wrapped candies store outside the refrigerator for up to six months in a cool dry place and in airtight containers. At Sincerely Nuts, the wrapped candies are prepared under uncompromised hygienic conditions in a range as diverse as possible to suit everybody’s taste.  Some of them are made on sticks and wrapped like lollipops.

 If we look at some of the unique flavors offered at the store we can realize the hard work they have put in to satisfy the online customers. They range from the traditional hard candies like butterscotch and sour balls to the newer wax sticks which come in all the fruity flavors that you no longer need to have fruit drinks. These wax sticks are chewy, and you can suck them or lick them or drink them. You can chew raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and so on. Sincerely Nuts have almost over 30 different flavors of wrapped candy. They are a luscious treat for kids and adults at any time.

The old fashioned and yet popular Dryden and palmer wrapped candy comes in delicious flavors of water melon, cherry, strawberry, and just sparkling pure white rock candy wrapped. These hard rock candies are made with sugarcane as their base.  The Dryden and palmer range of candies are as old as history and was one among the first to refine and recrystallize cane sugar.

Sincerely Nuts offers the wrapped candies that are the latest craze among children and adults, the hard candy comes with a gooey soft center in delicious fruit flavors like strawberry. You can almost feel your taste buds explode as the juicy fruit shoots into the mouth with the first bite.

Other wrapped candy attractions are the individually wrapped but assorted fruit flavors of candy like concord press; tootsie roll assorted wrapped candy etc.

It is easy to order wrapped candy online at Sincerely Nuts because we accept most major credit cards, PayPal, amazon and Google checkouts and also cashier’s checks. We ship your orders in 24 hours and also offer toll free help. If you have any issues with your orders our customer friendly staff is ever ready to assist you. In case of wrong order despatch or if the boxes have come opened you can return the goods subject to certain conditions. Order now and let Sincerely Nuts take care of your fruity juicy needs.