Dried banana chips are crunchy, tasty and healthy. Bananas are the best source of potassium. They can help stimulate mucus and cell production in the stomach to create a barricade between the stomach lining and the acids, preventing stomach upset and heartburn. Bananas contain pectin that helps prevent colon and pancreatic cancers. The antibiotic properties in bananas help combat infection. Bananas are beneficial in treating goiter, which is the swelling of thyroid gland. Sincerely Nuts offers superior quality dried banana chips in sweetened and unsweetened varieties. Both are ideal energy snacks, which help you get fiber, potassium, iron and many other nutrients.

Sweetened Banana Chips

If you have a sweet tooth, sweetened banana chips are excellent alternatives for cookies, candies, chocolates and other unhealthy desserts. 34 gram sweetened banana chips contain 180 calories. They are free from cholesterol and sodium. You can get fiber, carbohydrate, vitamin A and iron by taking this sweetened version of dried banana chips. The sweetness, crispiness and deliciousness of these chips make them a great snack for parties. They are handy and low in fat. You can have them as an afternoon snack whenever you feel like taking sweet treats like ice cream and cookies.
Sweetened banana chips help relieve fatigue. You can take them to office or gym. They help relax muscles, blood vessels and nerves. They also help relieve migraine headaches, asthma symptoms, muscle soreness and tension. Add vitamins and minerals to your system by munching on these palatable treats. Enjoy the sweet taste without a speck of guilt.

Unsweetened Banana Chips

Unsweetened banana chips contain vitamin A and C and fiber. They are also good sources of carbohydrates. They are free from sodium and very low in cholesterol. Dried bananas are great for maintaining blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart diseases and hypertension. They help reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases by enhancing the function of enzymes that are required for maintaining the elasticity of joints, blood vessels and ligaments.
Vitamin C in unsweetened banana chips helps enhance your immunity. It also helps increase the suppleness of skin. It helps increase the absorption of iron from the intestines, making you feel energetic. It also helps prevent skin bruises.

Dried banana chips are exceptional source of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is essential for protein metabolism and red blood formation. Dried banana chips are also great for enhancing the function of the central nervous system. They are great source of dietary fiber. Fiber adds roughage to intestine content and promotes the feeling of fullness. This helps you eat less and lose excessive weight. They help promote colon health and relieve constipation and digestive disorders. They are also effective in relieving hemorrhoids. Pectin in bananas helps in bowel movement. The high level of potassium aids in proper functioning of cells, tissues and organs. Dried bananas help heal stomach ulcers as well.

Sincerely Nuts offers dried banana chips in convenient packages. They are perfect snacks for school going kids, exercisers and other health conscious individuals.