Are Brazil Nuts Good for You?

Brazil nuts taste amazing. They have a buttery flavor reminiscent of macadamias, which makes them feel indulgent — so there's no way these super-sized nuts could be good for you, right?

Wrong. In fact, Brazilian nuts deliver a lot of nutritional punch. They are packed with several nutrients you may have trouble finding elsewhere, and like all nuts, they fill you up with the good fat you need to keep your body healthy. Read on to discover why Brazil nuts make an excellent choice for an after-school-snack or between-meals treat.

Get Your Daily Dose of Selenium With Brazil Nuts

Let's start with the most important benefit of eating Brazil nuts — selenium. You don't need a lot of this trace mineral for it to work its magic. But it can be difficult to find edible sources of selenium, and Brazil nuts provide the number-one option. Selenium contributes to antioxidant activity. Research has identified many advantages offered by selenium, including:

  • Fights both cancer and the common cold
  • Reduces or negates symptoms of asthma
  • Battles heart disease

Selenium also reduces inflammation by fighting the free radicals in your body. It can help increase antioxidant activity, leaving you less sore or reducing swelling from infections. Inflammation can cause stiffness and pain, and enjoying selenium-packed Brazil nuts can help decrease them both.

Other Brazilian Nuts Benefits

Beyond the selenium supplied by Brazil nuts, this food has plenty of other reasons for making up part of a healthy diet. Its intake has been linked to a reduction in depression. Researchers say the nut acts as a mood-booster, helping to suppress higher levels of anxiety and depression. In fact, some doctors add Brazil nuts to the diets of their patients with depression.

Brazil nuts contain calcium, which helps keep your bones strong, as well as magnesium and potassium. These nutrients and minerals can have a beneficial impact on blood pressure, helping to lower it.

Brazil nuts also contain healthy fats, which will help you stay full longer. You can eat Brazil nuts as a mid-morning snack and won't be hungry again for hours. It takes a while for your body to metabolize the healthy fats and protein in your foods. You will stay satisfied and may even overindulge less when you eat Brazil nuts. You will no longer be tempted to hit the office vending machine an hour before lunch.

Finally, Brazil nuts can raise your HDL, or good cholesterol. They have a high level of unsaturated fat, which can prevent strokes, too.

Buy Your Delicious Brazilian Nuts Today

The evidence is irrefutable — Brazil nuts are definitely good for you. Whether you choose to get the organic version, purchase them in their shells or order a Brazilian nut flour to overhaul your baking recipes, you will receive a nut very worthy of a spot in your pantry.

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