How to Cook Quinoa

You have undoubtedly heard people talk about quinoa. Over the past few years, it has become one of those superfoods people rave about. If you have never tried quinoa, you are in for a treat.

Many people use the seed as a substitute for rice. You can serve it as a bed beneath veggies and protein, or add it to soups and stews. You can even use leftovers as a breakfast mush-style cereal.

If you have never made quinoa before, you may have questions about how to prepare it, such as:

  • How do you cook quinoa quickly?
  • How long should you cook quinoa?
  • What are the best quinoa recipes?

As bulk providers of this delicious protein source, we have prepped many quinoa dishes in our time. Here are answers to all your questions about the versatile food.

How Do You Cook Quinoa?

Cooking quinoa is a lot like cooking rice. You will need one part quinoa to two parts water. For example, if you want to prep a cup of dry quinoa, which is equivalent to three cups cooked, you will need two cups of water.

First, put the dry quinoa in a colander with very fine holes and rinse for 30 seconds. Then pour the quinoa and water into a saucepan. Simmer for 20 minutes, remove from the burner and let it sit for five minutes. Then fluff the quinoa with a fork and voila, it's ready to serve.

How Can You Cook Quinoa More Quickly?

For those nights when you are in a hurry, 20 minutes may feel like a long time to wait for your quinoa. In this case, you may be able to speed up the cooking time by preparing a smaller amount of quinoa. Use only a third of a cup, with two-thirds cup of water, and you may find the seeds cook in 15 minutes.

How to Cook Quinoa Recipes

Now that you know how to make quinoa, what type of recipes can you use it in? To start, use your imagination. You can substitute quinoa for any kind of grain you usually serve, from rice to barley. Other ideas include:

Pan-fry quinoa until fragrant, then sprinkle into soup.

Add a half-cup of milk to a cup of leftover quinoa. Put a spoonful of brown sugar and a quarter-cup of sliced almonds on top for a hearty breakfast.

Make a salad with two cups of quinoa, a teaspoon apiece of basil, lemon juice and olive oil, and an assortment of chopped veggies.

The Health Benefits of Quinoa

The tiny seed makes a great source of protein. It contains lysine, which encourages tissue repair, and riboflavin, a B vitamin that boosts energy. And it boasts a high level of iron and fiber, which keep you strong and aid in digestion.

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