Brazil Nuts (Roasted , Unsalted)
Brazil Nuts (Roasted , Unsalted)
Brazil Nuts (Roasted , Unsalted)

Brazil Nuts (Roasted , Unsalted)

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    Brazil Nuts Roasted Unsalted

    Brazil nuts roasted unsalted combine a deliciously nutty flavor with a buttery texture to create a snack that is simply mouthwatering. It provides a serving of low sodium, fiber, minerals, vitamins, protein and powerful antioxidants. If you'd like to buy roasted Brazil nuts unsalted in bulk, you'll be glad to know that our quality packaging seals in the freshness for up to 6 months under refrigeration.

    Why should you buy roasted unsalted Brazil nuts for your pantry? This versatile nut tastes buttery and rich, and it makes an excellent addition to just about any side dish. Plus, the health advantages of incorporating Brazil nuts into your diet are reason enough to stock up. You may think of Brazil nuts as something to snack on, and they do make a tasty mid-day pick-me-up. But you can also use them in other ways, too.

    Enjoy Brazil Nuts Roasted and Unsalted in Your Favorite Recipes

    Brazil nuts enhance any food you add them to. Their unique flavor makes them a real game-changer for meats, veggies and fruit compotes. Don't be afraid to get creative in the kitchen with your unsalted roasted Brazil nuts. You can use them in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas:

    • As a coating for fish or chicken: Instead of breadcrumbs, swap in pulverized Brazil nuts as the coating for your favorite fish or chicken dish. Dredge the meat in eggs, then pull it through the nuts combined with a few spices and some Parmesan cheese.
    • As a crunchy salad topping: Chop your Brazil nuts and toss them over salad. If you want a fantastic combination, add these nuts to a spinach, strawberry and poppyseed salad. You will get a week's worth of antioxidants.
    • As a layer in a parfait: Want a breakfast parfait? Start with yogurt and add in layers of fruit and Brazil nuts. Want a dessert parfait? Start with chocolate or vanilla pudding and then go to the fruit and Brazil nuts.

    Your family will beg for more of these dishes, and as you get more comfortable, you can start experimenting on your own.

    Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

    1. High Mineral Content: Each serving of roasted and unsalted Brazil nuts contains copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, iron, and zinc. These minerals help in energy production, healthy bone formation, nerve function, creating red blood cells, and maintaining radiant-looking skin.

    2. Rich in Selenium: Brazil nuts are regarded as the best source of selenium, with 100 grams providing 3845% of the nutrient's recommended daily allowance. Just one or two nuts are enough to provide the body's daily requirement of selenium, which aids in thyroid function, boosting testosterone in men, nerve function, and protein synthesis.

    3. Quality Protein: Brazil nuts roasted and unsalted are a good source of plant protein, with a serving of 100g providing 14g of this important nutrient. Protein is essential in repairing body tissue and promoting cellular growth. Individuals on restricted diets, such as vegetarians and vegans, can benefit from adding nuts in their diets to supplement protein.

    4. Weight Loss: The high fiber content makes Brazil nuts a filling snack, creating a feeling of fullness that promotes weight loss when eaten in moderation. The fiber, which makes up 7.5% of Brazil nuts bulk not only increases satiety, but also helps to improve digestive health by promoting smooth passage of food through the gut.

    Buy Bulk Unsalted Brazil Nuts Online

    Are you ready to stock your pantry with our Brazil nuts? We use the only finest nuts and give them a masterful roast, making Sincerely Nuts your best source to buy unsalted roasted Brazil nuts online! Get them in bulk to save money, and you'll also receive free shipping when you buy more than $60. Contact us today to place your order.