Pistachios Chili Lemon
Pistachios Chili Lemon
Pistachios Chili Lemon

Pistachios Chili Lemon

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    Pistachios Chili Lemon

    Chili lemon pistachios are the very definition of an addictive snack. Combining the sweet, nutty flavor of pistachio nuts with the mouthwatering heat of chili lemon, this treat is one you'll always want stocked in your pantry. And these aren't your ordinary nuts. We use only the finest pistachios from the USA and carefully pack them to seal the fresh flavor. This results in unmatched crunch, taste, and aroma that we're incredibly proud of. And these spicy pistachios pack quite a bit of wholesomeness too. These nuts have actually been cultivated in East Asia for thousands of years, renowned as a symbol of health. In every serving, you'll enjoy minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats. Pistachios are also one of the lowest calorie nuts, with just 160 in an ounce. So you can go crazy without much guilt.

    Health Benefits of Pistachios

    Pistachios aren't just salty and satisfying — they're also packed with healthy nutrients that make them a delicious and nutritious snack. Here's why eating pistachios in moderation is great for your body:

    1. Lower Cholesterol: Pistachio nuts are an excellent source of oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat known to reduce the risk of heart problems. According to the Nurses' Health Study, monounsaturated fats lower LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.

    2. Diabetes Defense: A 100-gram serving of pistachios provides 30% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium. This mineral prevents sugars from forming unhealthy bonds with protein, reducing the chances of developing diabetes.

    3. Minerals and Vitamins: The nuts provide phosphorous, manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, copper and selenium. Among their functions include red blood cell production, bone formation, and hormone regulation. They also contain excellent levels of vitamin E, which protects cells from free radical-damage and also slows down rancidity, allowing you to safely buy chili lemon pistachios in bulk.

    4. Weight Management: Pistachios are low in calories, high in fiber and rich in protein. This combination is great for weight watchers as it increases satiety, preventing overeating during meals.

    With our friendly customer service completing the whole equation, you'll never look elsewhere to buy chili lime pistachios online.

    Best Ways to Use Our Pistachios Chili Lemon

    Brimming with the fresh, tangy, spicy taste of chili and lemon along with their own rich flavor, these chili lemon pistachios are perfect for satisfying snacking all on their own, but they can also make delicious additions to other snacks and dishes. Try them in a few of our favorite ways:

    • Savory Snack Mix: Just like trail mix, savory snack mix can be just the thing to get you through the day. Try combining our delicious chili lemon pistachios with seeds, pretzels and other nuts of your choice for a tangy, tempting mix you can pack kids' lunches or grab for your office desk.
    • Salad: Rather than unhealthy croutons, top your salads with the bursting flavor and fresh crunch of chili lemon pistachios.
    • Meat Crusts: Looking for a healthier alternative to breading for your homemade salmon, chicken fingers or other breaded dishes? Crush our chili lemon pistachios and use them to encrust your meat instead. They'll add extra flavor and make your meal so much healthier.

    Buy Chili Lemon Pistachios Online

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