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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sincerely Nuts offers you a wide range as far as sunflower seeds are concerned. Currently, the site has 8 different varieties on offer. All of the 8 are amazing when it comes to the quality. Some of the variations available here cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, thus making it one of our unique presentations. Here are some of the most popular sunflower seed varieties available at Sincerely Nuts.

Sunflower Shelled Natural

Sunflower shelled natural has a number of benefits. Oil is extracted from these seeds and is further used for a number of purposes. To begin with, it is used in the making of soap, varnishes and margarine. These seeds can be used in a number of different food recipes. You may also choose to eat them raw. They are an excellent store house of potassium and phosphorus. This type of sunflower seeds has many health benefits as well. They help an individual to lower his/her blood pressure. Sincerely Nuts offers you these amazing seeds at a very reasonable price. You can buy 1 lb of bag for just $1.99.

Sunflower Shelled Roasted Salted

This type of seeds also has a number of health benefits. What makes them a favorite choice for many is their taste. Being roasted, they taste much better and can be eaten as a snack. You can buy these seeds in plenty as you can store them easily for up to six months. It is recommended that you store them in a dry place. At Sincerely Nuts, you will be able to buy 1 lb of Sunflower shelled roasted salted seeds for just $2.49.

Sunflower Shelled Roasted Unsalted

If salt is something you wish to avoid in your snacks, you can always opt for the unsalted option at Sincerely Nuts. However, even though these seeds are not salted, they give a unique premium taste. It is one of the most popular snacks in many parts of the world. To make it even more interesting, this snack is very healthy and is a fantastic replacement for certain food items that are junk. 1 lb of Sunflower shelled roasted unsalted seeds is available for just $2.69 at Sincerely Nuts.

Organic Sunflower Seeds

These are natural seeds. They are certified and contain no kinds of artificial additions or preservatives. They are extremely healthy for consumption and hence are highly recommended. Ideally, you should eat them in their raw form to gain maximum benefits out of them. One of the highlights of these seeds is that they are grown without the use of any kind of pesticides. Even after being 100% natural, they are priced at just $3.69 per 1 lb.

Sincerely Nuts ensures that the above varieties and many others are delivered to your doorstep. Hence, you are not required to physically be present to order them or collect your package. The delivery is done within 24 hours from the moment you placed the order. Apart from sunflower seeds, Sincerely Nuts also has a wide range of pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and watermelon seeds etc.

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