Pistachios Vs. Peanuts (Benefits and Versatility)

Pistachios and peanuts each pack in a nutritional punch that makes them a great snack, but which is best for you? Both are high in healthy fats, which makes some people leery of picking them out of the nut pack. But that doesn’t mean they are not a healthy choice. They are both famous for packing in a ton of nutrition, but we’re going to weigh out the benefits of each, along with what you can do to add in more versatility in the kitchen and your favorite recipes.

Let’s dive right into pistachios, first. Pistachios are full of antioxidants, help promote good gut health, and much more. Since they are high in antioxidants, they can naturally help to reduce free radical buildup. The benefits of pistachios are far and wide.

The healthy fat content in pistachios make them the perfect snack. They are especially helpful in the shell if you like to work for your snacks. If you’d rather not do the work, we have you covered, too!

Check out the list below to see the exact benefits and capabilities of what pistachios can do to boost your health on many areas in the body.

Benefits of Pistachios:

  • High in fiber (Regulate bowel function)
  • Rich in unsaturated fats (Helps support heart health)
  • Low in calories (Great for weight loss in moderation)
  • High in antioxidants (Good for skin health)
  • Good source of plant-based protein
  • Can help to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Can help to improve gut health

These powerful nuts are not only a nutrition powerhouse, but they are also a helpful addition in the kitchen. If you didn’t know where to add pistachios to your diet, we can help.

Pistachios can be a great versatile nut in the kitchen. Whether you are just snacking on them plain for a delicious and healthy snack, or adding them to your favorite recipes, there are so many options. They are great with trail mix or even added to your favorite baked goods.

Check out the list below to see how adding more pistachios can help benefit you.

Versatility of Pistachios:

  • Snack on them plain as a healthy and nutritious snack
  • Make a pistachio pesto with fresh basil: Sub these out for pine nuts for a unique flavor
  • Add it to many other favorite sauces
  • Store them in the freezer for safe keeping if buying in bulk
  • Make your own pistachio cookies
  • Add them to sweet and savory recipes like pork chops or crusted salmon

No one can argue, pistachios can be a wholesome and great addition to any diet to help enhance your immune system.

But, now let’s move onto the world famous, peanuts. These are another classic nut that can provide a ton of nutrition and variety, even though some say you should stay away altogether.

Peanuts can help to boost heart health, hair health, and much more. Check out the list below to see the power peanuts can have for your health.

Benefits of Peanuts:

  • High in healthy fats, protein, and fiber
  • Good source of B vitamins
  • High in magnesium (Great for heart and muscle health)
  • Rich in potassium
  • High in vitamin E
  • Can prevent gallstones and aid in heart health

Some areas of concern with peanuts is when they are covered in sugar or extra additives and consumed too often. Peanuts often come toffee-coated or with lots of added sugar, but in small moderation, these types of peanuts can be a tasty option to your typical sweet treat. Roasted peanuts can be great for your health, as well. They are also one of the top allergen foods. Peanuts have tons of health benefits; they are also an excellent addition in the kitchen.

Versatility of Peanuts:

  • Snack on some roasted peanuts to curb your appetite
  • Grab some toffee peanuts or caramelize your own peanuts
  • Make a delicious peanut sauce to accompany your favorite noodles
  • Serve them up with something sweet
  • Make some peanut milk

Both nuts can be a great part of your diet, and it’s best to add the most versatility. Depending on what you’re going through, pistachios or peanuts may be better for you right now.

Which nut do you prefer, peanuts of pistachios?

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