Welcome to Sincerely Nuts, your online destination for variety snacks, nuts, and assorted sweets for all your munching needs. We undertake bulk orders of a variety of healthy snacking options. At SincerelyNuts, we believe that you can snack healthily if you are aware of the options you have. We provide you with a wide range of delicious snack packs that can actually be good for your health. If you are the kind of person who enjoys snacking and are looking for a healthy alternative to the junk food all around you, we are the people you can turn to.

We receive frequent bulk orders for chickpeas and peas. We offer chickpeas in bulk that are roasted and salted. We also offer the unsalted variety to suit your preference. We have also noticed a growing demand for plain white chick peas and provide bulk orders for the same quite regularly. Chickpeas make for a great snack alternative as they are rich sources of fiber and protein.

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You should also try out our organic granola, which is a favorite snacking option for people looking at healthy snacking alternatives. Our special organic granola is a great cholesterol lowering agent. We also provide bulk and wholesale consignments of sesame sticks, which is another nutrition rich snacks option. This comes in a wide variety, to include sesame sticks garlic, oat bran sesame sticks, sesame sticks cheddar. You also must try our exquisite brittle snacks. You can order bulk orders of our tasty and extremely nutritious brittle peanuts and brittle almonds

You should also let your taste buds feast on the special tropical mix trailmixes from Sincerely Nuts. This is a combination of papaya, pineapple, banana chips, raisins, coconuts, dates, brazils, walnuts, peanuts, soy beans, sunflower seeds, and cashews making it a snacking extravaganza for the health conscious.

Some of the other popular snacks we provide in bulk at wholesale prices from include oriental rice snacks, Wasabi bean mix, the scrumptiously delicious chocolate sunflower seeds, crunchy carrot chips, and other veggie chips. All of these snacks are high in nutritional value and surprisingly, they just taste fantastic. The demand for these healthy snacks is overwhelming and if you are planning a party for your colleagues or just a gathering of family and friends, you can certainly set a great example by serving these innovative snacking options instead of the regular junk food people serve at such gatherings.

Shopping at Sincerely Nuts is so fun, you would find trouble stopping. Our customer support team is extremely cooperative in answering all your queries and would provide you with a shopping experience that you would thoroughly enjoy. We ensure that your transactions are secure and safe. Be sure to return to visit us to take advantage of the exclusive one-day deals we provide for our online customers. We take orders from 1 pound boxes to bulk and wholesale orders all the way up to 25 pound cases. Feel free to visit us and get to know more about the fantastic snack deals we have for you.