Feeling like you’d enjoy adding tropical flavors into your diet? Want the convenience of pineapple that you can carry with you everywhere you go? Turn to dried pineapple chunks, tidbits, slices and more from Sincerely Nuts.

We understand how pineapple has become such a popular fruit in the western culture. However, it can be rather inconvenient to bring fresh pineapple on-the-go. That’s why dried pineapple is so appealing. Our sweetened or unsweetened dried pineapple varieties are ideal for packing and storing. Savor them after your next long run to boost your energy, or add them to your favorite homemade trail mix.

You can buy pineapple tidbits, dried pineapple chunks and more online today at Sincerely Nuts. Just choose the right size package for you and your family, or for your office or workspace kitchen, and we’ll deliver dried pineapple to your door. It’s that easy to get all the benefits of dried pineapple snacks.

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There are not many kinds of food that can be considered good for health and equally good to taste. Dried fruits and especially Dried Pineapple surely fit this category. Sincerely Nuts is dedicated to bringing this package of great taste and good health through its range of Dried Pineapple and several other great food products. Some Dried fruits available on from Sincerely Nuts include glazed fruits, peaches, papaya, cherries, nectarines and so on. This variety gives people a chance to choose just the kind of Dried fruits they prefer eating and get on with a healthy lifestyle. However, we are going to get a bit deeper into the Dried Pineapple section and its various benefits.

The popular types of Dried Pineapple available with Sincerely Nuts include Pineapple Diced, Pineapple Rings, Pineapple tidbits and Pineapple (No-Sugar). You can pick up pineapples according to what suits you best and also keeping the various health benefits in mind. Though fresh pineapple may not be available commercially throughout the year, fining Dried Pineapple is much easier since it has a better shelf life. Since Dried Pineapple has sugar in the concentrated form, it keeps the pineapple from going bad.

One of the most significant health benefits of Dried Pineapple includes the high calorie levels available with this fruit. So, if you take about a pound of Dried Pineapple, it may have anything around 69 calories of pure energy. More than 60 calories of this total energy comes from the carbohydrate content in Dried Pineapple. Trace amounts of protein and fat also contribute towards this caloric value. The fact that Dried Pineapple is low on fat and really rich in energy makes it a perfect option for people looking to lose some weight and snack healthy.

Additionally, Dried Pineapple is also rich in fibre which is essential for good digestion and improved bowel flow. Apart from this, fibre also helps dispel cholesterol from the body. This is extremely essential to maintain good heart health. Dried Pineapple is rich in carbohydrates that are also essential for several bodily functions.
While fat in excess is not great for the body, the minimum required levels of fat must be maintained and this is just what you can expect from Dried Pineapple. Apart from this, Dried Pineapple is also rich in proteins. However, the best thing about Dried Pineapple is that it has no cholesterol so you do not need to worry about any stress to the circulatory system or the heart. And one cannot forget the Vitamin C punch which helps the body build a better immune system. The antioxidant effects of this vitamin are already well known.

At the end of the day, all you need is a reliable place to pick up your health foods from. Sincerely Nuts is certainly your best option since the company has been delivering quality foods for years now. In fact, Sincerely Nuts offers a 100% guarantee on quality and this is truly a rarity in most sites offering food products online. We ensure that the dried fruits are fresh and as healthy as ever when they are delivered to your doorstep.