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Exquisitely sweet, raw pignoli nuts provide a distinct flavor to almost any dish with a lavish sprinkle. You have a plethora of options at your disposal depending upon your preference. You can roast them or pamper them in chocolate, add to pasta or add as a garnish to your caramel. Your options are limitless with these wonder nuts. The luxurious crunch and versatile taste they add to any dish is just incredible. At SincerelyNuts.com, we have an assortment of the highest quality pignolias that we can deliver them to you at your doorstep.

You can rely on us for high-quality nuts, dried fruits, and other gourmet goodies that are sure to have your lips smacking and your heart happy. We recognize the need for healthy snacking options and provide our customers with bulk options in naturally processed foods that are high in nutrition, but extremely tasty at the same time. We offer the highest quality pignoli nuts at the most affordable wholesale prices when you buy in bulk.

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Raw pignolia nuts can enhance any recipe. You can toss some in your salads for a new dimension of taste. The pignoli is a magical addition to curries and stuffed peppers, etc. These amazing nuts provide great flavor to breads and other baked goodies. They are an excellent resource for iron and fiber. Pignoli nuts are also rich in heart healthy acids that facilitate the elimination of toxic substances in the body, reducing the labor of the liver. They are also rich in magnesium, which is vital for good cardiovascular health and improved muscle function. Add to all of this, the bonus of exquisitely rich taste, and you have the perfect recipe for that feel good factor.

Raw pignolis are a welcome addition in anything from freshly baked bread to gourmet coffee. Our pignolis are sorted and roasted at our facility to ensure the taste and nutritional value is preserved for the customer. Stack up on these wonder nuts and form a healthy habit of simply munching on some of these goodies on a daily basis. Innovate your daily cuisine and explore the health benefits associated with this amazing gift from nature.

Shopping at SincerelyNuts.com is always fun. You get to choose what you want and you are assured of the highest levels of quality. Our customer support team is always at your service to answer all your queries and help you in any way required to place your order on our website. We get a steady stream of orders from reputed restaurants as well as homemakers who wish to add a special dimension to their food. While you are here, try out our 1-pound bag and see how easy and fun it is to shop from us. Go on... stop thinking and do something about it!