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A popular breakfast or snack food, granolas are a children’s delight. It is particularly a favorite breakfast snack in the USA and was invented way back in the 1890’s, by Sylvester Graham when he first created the Graham Cracker. The early granola was made from a mixture of dried fruits and oats as the main ingredient. Generally granola comes in the sweetened form and is typically rolled in honey to give it that glazy effect. It is a power breakfast for kids. You can buy different varieties of granola online at Sincerely Nuts.  They have them in different flavors and combinations.

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Perhaps the energy boost granola sold at the store would be a good option for people who are in a hurry to fix breakfast in the morning. It is also a change to eat once in a while and healthy. Mixed with rolled oats the granola tastes delicious with sesame seeds, peanuts, honey and raisins added to it along with corn oil. This can be had with yoghurt to give you that full breakfast and nutritional needs in the morning. For those who do not like yoghurt, cold milk can also be added to this granola.

Although granola looks like muesli, one difference is that granola is usually sweetened whereas muesli need not be sweet. Sincerely Nuts offer granola named French vanilla with big vanilla extract which tastes delicious with ice creams. Granola stores outside the refrigerator for 3 months in a cool dry place and in the refrigerator for 6 months. 

Granola is rich in fibre content and protein too. It can also be used a topping in ice creams and puddings to give a crunchy taste. You can also have a granola with fresh fruits as breakfast.

A top of the line product at Sincerely Nuts and popular one too is the maple pecan granola which is purely organic coated with maple syrup. This tastes delicious when mixed with smoothies. Now day’s granolas are also being made into bars but to do that they have to be sweetened more and it is perhaps good to give them only to children as an evening snack.

The other ranges of granola at the store are berry granola which tastes delicious as a breakfast with yoghurt and coconut almond granola with the think flakes of coconut to give it that tropical taste.

At Sincerely Nuts, wemake sure that our products are processed with utmost hygiene and fresh ingredients specially selected for the purpose. We also have an efficient shipping system in place and usually ship all orders within 24 hours. No more long queues at the super markets. With one click your granolas are around the corner. All major credit cards are accepted and you can rest assured you get all assistance if there are any issues with the product ordered.  It is a great gift to send, especially for children.  Order for your varieties of granola from the comfort of your home at Sincerely Nuts, which is a one click solution for all your nutting needs.