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Jordan Almond Candy

Jordan almond candy from Sincerely Nuts is delicious and elegant. They come in assorted colors and varieties, which make them ideal for party decorations. They can be given to party guests as a gift to symbolize your love. Superior quality California almonds are slightly roasted and covered with colorful and yummy candy coating to create these delightful candies. California almonds have slightly bittersweet taste. The sweet candy coating enhances the taste, making them perfect for wedding delight.

Sincerely Nuts offers Jordan almond Candy in various colors and varieties.

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Jordan Almonds Assorted

Jordan almonds assorted candies come in a mix of colors like pink, blue, white, purple, green and yellow. Their attractive look and yummy flavor make them perfect for weddings. They are great addition to the menu for birthday parties, anniversary parties and celebrations. You do not need a special occasion to relish these yummy treats. They help many any normal day special.

Jordan Almonds Blue

Jordan almond candy coated in beautiful blue color is ideal for celebrating the birthday of baby boys. They are great for weddings too, as they match with the color of the bride exactly. This extra fine California almonds roasted careful and added a smooth and delectable candy coating in excellent blue color enhance the joy of any crispy and sweet moment. Enjoy these luscious candies with your loved ones.

Jordan Almonds Pink

Jordan almonds pink offers an opportunity to show off your good taste. You can add them for the menu in a corporate event, birthday party or baby shower of your daughter, family celebration or catered banquet. With nutty taste and excellent sweetness, they are sure to seduce you. These gorgeous pink color candies will attract everyone's attention. Sincerely Nuts makes the most delicious Jordan almond nuts, which help enhance the joy of special occasions. They are sweet, toothsome, uniform and beautiful that really appeases the moment.

Jordan Almonds White

Sincerely Nuts offer fresh California almonds roasted to flavorsome perfection and coated in pretty white color. Jordan almonds candy in white color will surely be a hit in wedding receptions and other occasions. The excellently sweet white candy coating adds smoothness and uniform character to the candies. They make alluring displays and satisfy the sweet cravings of your guests. They are also perfect for health conscious people, as they offer calcium and iron.

Jordan Almonds Super Fine Assorted

Jordan almonds super fine assorted candies make perfect displays. They are so elegant and uniform. No matter what the theme of your wedding or birthday party is, they will match with it perfectly. They come in assorted colors like pink, yellow, green, light purple and so on, so you can set the stage for a delectable snacking experience.

Jordan Almonds Super Fine White

Jordan almonds super fine white candies from Sincerely Nuts will add an extra sweet touch to your themed parties and buffet spread. They are so pretty and luscious that you need not wait for occasions to taste them.