Yogurt Covered

Is yogurt something that makes your mouth water? Do you like eating yogurt? Well, Sincerely Nuts is a place where you will come across some of the best varieties of yogurt covered products. These are great snack options as well as fantastic replacements for conventional deserts. Sincerely Nuts offers as many as nine different varieties of yogurt covered products.

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Yogurt Chips

Yogurt chips are delicious to say the least. They are a treat to every individual with a sweet tooth. You can munch on these chips as regular snack or you may also choose them to be an ingredient in ice-cream. These chips are also used extensively in baked products. At Sincerely Nuts, these yogurt chips are available at just $3.49 per lb.

Yogurt Peanuts

Sincerely Nuts present high quality yogurt peanuts to its consumers. These peanuts are great as far as their taste is concerned. They are extremely fresh. They are first roasted properly and then covered in thick layer of smooth yogurt, turning it into a divine snack. Sincerely Nuts offers about 200 pieces of yogurt peanuts in one pound. You can buy 1 lb for just $3.99.

Yogurt Pretzels

Pretzels are favorite snacks to thousands of people. They are considered to be a great option to keep your munching instincts intact. They taste great. The combination of pretzels and yogurt is absolutely ravishing. Sincerely Nuts dips pretzels into amazing yogurt. You can buy 1 lb of yogurt pretzels for just $3.99.

Yogurt Raisin

High quality California raisins are covered with yogurt. This way, Sincerely Nuts gives a whole new dimension to raisins and turns them into something spectacular. This is a fantastic regular snack option. Moreover, you can buy 1 lb of this snack for just $3.99. Hence, it is a fabulous snack to offer your guests.

Yogurt Almonds

Almonds are not just great to eat because of their taste, but their nutritional value as well. They are one of the healthiest snacks of all time. Sincerely Nuts offers you high quality roasted almonds covered with delicious yogurt at a very reasonable price. You can buy 1 lb for just $5.99.

Yogurt Malt Balls

Milk balls taste great. They are loved by many, especially the children. You can now consume these milk balls in an all new way. Sincerely Nuts offers milk balls covered with fresh and smooth yogurt. The combination is simply mouth-watering to say the least. You can buy 1 lb of yogurt malt balls at just $5.99.

Yogurt Cranberries

If you love cranberries, you should definitely try this delicacy. At Sincerely Nuts, you get cranberries that are dipped and covered with tasty yogurt. This is surely a treat for your taste-buds. 1 lb of yogurt cranberries will cost you $6.99 only.