Cashews Honey Roasted
Cashews Honey Roasted
Cashews Honey Roasted

Cashews Honey Roasted

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    Cashews Honey Roasted

    Our honey roasted cashews exemplify that scrumptious mix between sweet and nutty. We first freshly roast the finest cashews to bring out the buttery flavor, coat them in a rich layer of honey, and then give them a touch of salt to crown this mouthwatering masterpiece. Each serving comes loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids.

    Enjoy Honey Roasted Cashews for Snacks and Food

    Cashews are one of the healthiest nuts you’ll find. The addition of honey to the mix gives this snack an incredibly unique appeal. You can enjoy the sweetness without feeling guilty, because you’re getting the health advantages of the nut, as well. While many people adore the taste of honey roasted nuts as a snack, you can add them to recipes and other foods, as well — it’s double the fun.

    Sprinkle chopped honey roasted cashews on a sundae or on top of yogurt for a unique twist. Try them in a stir fry to add that unexpectedly sweet taste — this works especially well with a spicy stir fry. Substitute honey roasted cashews for pecans in any dessert recipe, and you’ll get a double dose of sweetness. Or, add chopped honey roasted cashews to banana muffins for a decadent twist on the traditional banana nut muffin.

    Whatever foods you choose to combine with cashews, you can’t lose. Their flavor will only enhance whatever dishes you pair these nuts with.

    Health Benefits of Cashews

    1. Lower Cholesterol: Cashew honey roasted nuts can lead to a heart-friendly cholesterol ratio thanks to their serving of monounsaturated fats. According to the Nurses' Health Study, these healthy fats lower the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol. This can help reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

    2. Regulation of Blood Sugar: The combination of low carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats in cashews can lead to better blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association has shown that a Mediterranean diet rich in nuts can help manage conditions such as type II diabetes.

    3. Prevents Hypertension: These nuts are rich in magnesium, with 29% of the recommended daily intake in a quarter cup. This nutrient is essential in regulating blood pressure in the body, preventing any hypertensive ailments. Magnesium is also involved in blood sugar control, and works with the serving of phosphorous to ensure healthy bone density.

    4. Energy Production: Honey roasted cashew nuts contain excellent levels of energy-optimizing minerals, with a quarter cup providing a recommended daily intake of 98% copper and 33% manganese. These minerals neutralize free radicals in the energy production centers of the cell, which leads to free energy pathways in the body.

    Order Honey Roasted Cashews in Bulk From Sincerely Nuts

    Everything from the honey roasted cashews bulk case to the 1lb bag is perfectly sealed to retain the freshness. And with our guarantee on nothing but premium quality, you'll never have to look elsewhere to buy honey roast cashews online.

    Buying in bulk is the smartest option for those who can’t get enough of our cashews. When you purchase larger bags, you get a lower price per pound. We also give you free shipping when you place an order of more than $60 on our site. Our distinct bags ensure your honey roasted cashews will stay fresh for a long time, so you can eat them at your pace without worrying they will spoil.

    Browse our honey roasted cashews below and make your purchase today.