Chocolate Raisins
Chocolate Raisins

Chocolate Raisins

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    Chocolate Raisins

    Organic raisins enveloped by smooth, silken and mouthwatering milk chocolate is a perfect mood setter for any occasion. Enjoy chocolate covered raisins any time of day or evening. Buy yours today through Sincerely Nuts.

    Health Benefits of Chocolate Covered Raisins

    Did you know that chocolate covered raisins have a lot of nutritional value in addition to being tasty? In fact, they are a better choice for your snacking pleasure than many other mainstream candies.

    What make these delicious gems healthier than other alternatives? For one, raisins pack a powerful nutrient punch. Raisins offer fiber, which helps a digestive aid. They also contain iron, boron, calcium and antioxidants. Of course, chocolate is no slouch, either. In recent years, studies have shown that when eaten in moderation, chocolate can help individuals reduce their risk of certain cardiovascular conditions.

    With so many reasons to eat chocolate covered raisins, make sure you buy enough for your whole family to enjoy!

    Create Your Own Energy Mix

    Eaten alone, chocolate covered raisins will give you a natural boost of sugar. For that reason, you might want to eat a few before and after a tough workout. Or, if you prefer, why not make your chocolate raisins the center of a personal trail mix?

    Other suggestions to include in your trail mix in addition to a generous helping of bulk chocolate covered raisins include peanuts, tree nuts, sesame brittle, dried fruits and seeds. Have fun trying new flavors, and remember to throw in a few exotic items every now and then to give your taste buds something different.

    Using Chocolate Covered Raisins Beyond Snacking

    Most people eat chocolate covered raisins straight out of the bag or bowl. However, you can feel free to get innovative and add them during your cooking and food preparation.

    For instance, try adding a few chocolate covered raisins to your bowl of fresh or frozen yogurt, or scoop of ice cream. Sprinkle a few of these tasty tidbits on top of a cheesecake or custard pie. Try adding a few to hot oatmeal instead of sugar or honey, melting the chocolate and turning breakfast into dessert!

    If you can dream up a new way to use chocolate covered raisins, do it. You never know how exciting the flavors of premium chocolate mixed with dried fruit can be until you experiment at home. Encourage your kids to do likewise, making cooking, baking and eating more fun for everyone.

    Storing Bulk Chocolate Covered Raisins

    As tempted as you may be to eat your chocolate covered raisins at once, you will likely store them for a period of time. Be sure any storage containers or bags you use can be tightly sealed to ward off any air getting in. After filling the containers or bags with chocolate raisins, place them in a cool, dark, dry place like a pantry, cupboard or drawer.

    Although you can freeze chocolate covered raisins for longer storage, the chocolate will take on a different sheen after the freezing process.

    Buy chocolate covered raisins today for superior snacking!