Are Cashew Nuts Good for You?

Cashew nuts taste so delicious that you may be wondering — are cashews actually healthy? After all, this rich, almost buttery nut practically melts in your mouth. When you roast and salt these little gems, you get a treat you can use in a number of different ways, from making delectable cashew nut butter to simply popping in your mouth when you want a snack.

But the question remains. Can something that tastes this good also be good for you? Here's the scoop on the health benefits of cashews. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of them!

Are Cashews Good for You?

The answer is a resounding "yes." These nuts can boost your health in so many ways, and they can be an excellent snack for those trying to lose weight, too. 

Cashews Are a Source of Healthy Fat

While all fats had a bad rep for years, we now know some types of fat, such as the monounsaturated fats found in cashews, can have numerous advantages. They improve heart health and can help lower bad cholesterol. They also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer or having a stroke. And healthy fats do one more thing just about everyone can appreciate. They decrease belly fat.

Cashews Supply a Dose of Fiber

Fiber fills you up and keeps you from getting hungry again for hours. When you eat nuts for your snack, you also ensure your digestive system stays regular — an important part of healthy eating. Fiber also has other great qualities. It can:

  • Regulate blood sugar so you avoid mid-day crashes
  • Assist with losing weight
  • Keep your colon healthy

Cashews Are Rich in Many Vitamins

Want beautiful skin? A stronger immune system? Better eyesight? You can get all three by upping your intake of cashews, which include a plentiful supply of vitamins such as B6, K and E. Just by eating one small serving of cashews each day, you can improve your long-term development of clearer skin and stronger eyes, while also fostering improved immune function.

Cashews Include Lots of Minerals

In addition to vitamins, cashews also have a full supply of minerals, which contribute to so much of your daily health. Do you feel tired all the time? Then you need an infusion of iron, which is found in cashews. Iron helps make blood cells, along with copper — another mineral found in cashews.

Zinc and phosphorus are also present in abundance in cashews. These minerals can improve your mood and repair damaged tissue.

Cashews Contain Fewer Calories Than Other Snacks

Are you trying to lose weight? Then cashews may be the perfect choice for your snack. They rank among the lowest-calorie nuts and they will be a better choice than high-calorie snacks like crackers, which also have little fiber.

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