Are Corn Nuts Good for You?

You keep seeing advertisements for corn nuts. They look yummy, but you feel a little confused. Are they corn? Nuts? Something totally different? And are they worth adding to your snacking line-up?

Below, we answer some of your most frequent inquiries about the treat known far and wide as the corn nut. It's not only something you should try, but it's a product that might just become a favorite go-to treat.

What Is a Corn Nut?

At its core, a corn nut is a kernel of corn that has been toasted, deep-fried or even roasted. After processing, the corn kernel takes on a stronger, more robust flavor. It also becomes incredibly crunchy, which is likely how it got its name. However, a corn nut is not a true nut variety like an almond, cashew or walnut.

Do You Eat Corn Nuts Plain?

You can eat corn nuts salted or unsalted, right after processing. Many people prefer to spruce up their corn nuts by purchasing corn nuts coated in seasonings. The seasonings and sugars bring out different aspects of the kernels.

Are Corn Nuts Healthy?

Like any snack, corn nuts can be part of a healthy diet — the key is to eat corn nuts in moderation. They are a low-calorie choice compared to many types of chips and crackers, giving them an advantage. However, they can be high in fats if you consume them in large quantities. Therefore, be sure to eat the appropriate serving sizes.

What Is the Nutritional Value of Corn Nuts?

Each type of corn nut provides unique nutritional values based on its processing method. For instance, dry roasted corn nuts will boast less fat than those that have been deep-fried. Also, coated or salted corn nuts will have higher sodium levels than other corn nuts.

With that being said, the basic nutritional value of corn nuts is that they can help you add a bit of fiber and iron to your diet. They have a decent amount of carbs, too, to give you quick energy. Try nibbling on some before a workout or when you need a fast pick-me-up on a long day.

Can Corn Nuts Be Used in Food Preparation?

Corn nuts have a wide range of uses beyond just eating them straight from the bag. Try using corn nuts to top off your soups, cereals or salads for an unexpected crunch. Corn nuts with a sweet coating may be perfect additions to a bowl of yogurt. They can also become part of any personalized energy mix featuring true tree nuts, peanuts and dried fruits.

Corn Nuts for Snacking Paradise

A considerable advantage to eating corn nuts is that they give your taste buds a new adventure. Everyone gets tired of eating the same foods day-in, day-out. Corn nuts add tons of character and versatility to snacks.

Whether you nibble on corn nuts mid-morning or as a midnight treat, make sure you always have a supply in the house. In a nutshell, corn nuts are a great way to ensure you love every food you eat!

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