Coconut chips

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Coconut is highly nutritious. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. It has potent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, which offer a range of health benefits. Dried coconut is an excellent source of nutrients, which help your body combat infections and diseases. At Sincerely Nuts, we offer exceptional quality dried coconut in three varieties- coconut fine, coconut medium and coconut diced. Coconut fine and medium can be used for cooking, while diced sweetened dried coconut is a healthy, toothsome snack.

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Coconut Fine

Coconut Fine from Sincerely Nuts is finely shredded from fresh and delicious macaroon coconut. It is unsweetened and is great for making a wide variety of dishes, including coconut candies, coconut chocolates and coconut confections. You can add them to any Asian recipes that require coconut. Coconut fine adds flavor and a uniquely superior texture to your dish.

Coconut fine contains dietary fiber and iron. The fiber in coconut plays a major role in reducing heart diseases. It absorbs LDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of plaque buildup in arteries. However, it does not absorb HDL good cholesterol that keeps the artery walls flexible. This in turn helps reduce the risk of heart disease, arteriosclerosis and stroke. Coconut helps reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.

Coconut Medium

Coconut medium is sweetened and is ideal for making ice cream, cakes, muffins, cookies and frozen yogurt desserts. The small size gives good texture to coconut candies, macaroons and baked goodies. Coconut has low glycemic index that releases carbohydrate slowly into the blood. Hence, lower amounts of insulin are needed to absorb sugars into cells. This is beneficial to diabetes patients. Coconut also accelerates cell metabolism by offering quick source of energy with fewer calories. It can boost thyroid function, which in turn helps boosts your metabolism and energy production. Studies show that coconut has anti cancer properties, which help prevent colon and breast cancer. The essential properties in coconut help your body to fight against infections. It also helps cleanse your system, making you feel energetic.

Coconut Diced

Coconut diced, sweetened and dried is a tasty and healthy snack. You can also mix it with yogurt and granola to enjoy a rich treat. Dried coconut diced helps speed up your metabolism and thereby helps prevent or reduce obesity and overweight problems. Taking diced coconut in between meals can help you feel satiated for long hours. Dried coconut is also good for heart health. People who consume coconut regularly do not suffer from heart disease or high serum cholesterol. The unique properties of coconut help improve your skin health as well.

Dried coconut diced is sweetened and so you can take them instead of cookies, chocolates and other unhealthy sweets. They help satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty. They improve insulin secretion and utilize blood glucose well. This helps reduce sweet cravings significantly. Dried coconut helps improve digestion and alleviates the symptoms of digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions. It is a convenient food that acts as quick energy boost. It helps relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Take advantage of our wholesale prices by ordering in bulk and enjoy a new level of taste to your palate.