The 6 Best Snacks to Grab When Working from Home

It can be difficult to get into a new work from home routine, and even more difficult to have tempting unhealthy snacks just a short walk away from you all day long.

Since the pandemic hit, you may be like most companies, trying to figure out the best way to work from home for you. Everyone will be different in how they can thrive full-time in their new environment, but there is one thing we all have in common. We want to eat better, stay full longer, and have healthy yet delicious snacks at our everyday disposal.

Do you feel like you are too tempted to open the refrigerator every hour to see what new snacks may have magically appeared? Or maybe your body is simply craving a nutritious and healthy snack and you may be fresh out?

Either way, Sincerely Nuts has you covered. Many Americans do not meet the recommended dietary intake of many important vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and even vitamin E. Did you know that 75% of Americans do not meet the daily recommended requirement of magnesium each day? Luckily, many of our snacks are packed with these very nutrients, and more.

Snacking can be a healthy part of your daily routine, even if it is done right. Be sure to eat a filling enough meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packed with protein and vegetables. That way, it will be harder to go overboard when it comes to snacking.

Our snacks make it easier to snack on purpose. That’s because they will give you a natural increase in energy, keep you full, and help fill in any nutrient gaps in your diet to rev up your metabolism.

Below are the 10 best healthy snacks to keep around when working from home.


This trail mix is the perfect fit if you are trying out the keto diet or even if you just want a healthy mix of nuts, seeds, and coconut and don’t follow a strict diet.

Get your fill of magnesium, antioxidants like vitamin E, healthy monounsaturated fats, and much more with this powerful trail mix.

You can take your ketogenic diet to another level by adding this tasty gamechanger. Snack without the worry of breaking your ketosis as this trail mix is packed with high amounts of protein and it’s also low in carbs. Mix up your keto diet by adding this tor your favorite keto-dessert and then take a picture of it and send it into our Instagram for a chance to be added to the website! Refuel on our keto trail mix to provide your body with the required amount of fat intake.


This delicious snack is like no other on the market. It provides the perfect crunch, mixed with the great combo of sweet and salty to satisfy any craving.

Plus, you can get a taste of deliciously sweet and appetizingly salty with ingredients like honey roasted sesame sticks, sesame seeds, honey coating, peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, honey cashews, almonds, and plain cashews. 

Get your nutrients in style with some salt and crunch sometimes for a change of pace.


This deluxe omega 3 trail mix is the perfect snack to munch on at your desk to gain more energy and even stay more focused on your work.

Did you know omega 3s have been proven to benefit and improve symptoms of ADHD? If you feel like you are having a hard time focusing on work, look first to your diet. The blend of almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, mangoes, and more will have you coming back for more brain food after!

We make it easy to get all the omega 3s you need with this easy and delicious mix.


Sitting at the desk all day can get exhausting mentally and physically. Maybe you are daydreaming about your favorite vacation destination all day long. Although we can’t take you to your dream destination, we can bring you there in spirit with this refreshing, naturally sweet, nutritional mix!

Get ready to taste the tropics and dip your taste buds into this vibrant tropical trail mix. Refresh your day with a breezy handful of coconut chips, sweet pineapples, cranberries, & mouthwatering papaya bites.

Get your essential B vitamins for energy and stamina, along with vital antioxidants and vitamin C to keep you immune system fighting strong with this customer favorite.


Getting in enough antioxidants can be challenging some days, especially quickly for your home office. But this mix makes it so easy. Packed with heart-healthy pistachios and berries, you will love the unique flavor this blend brings. Plus, it packs in your sweet tooth craving with cookie drops for a treat after a long day.

This fruit and nut mix is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for nuts. It contains delicious, dried cranberries, white cookie drops, pistachio kernels, cashews, and dried cherries.

The scrumptious texture is certain to take any dish to the next level; and supplement it with wholesome goodness! We're talking about minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, heart-friendly fats, and fiber. Just a handful of the dried fruit and mixed whole nuts should provide the daily recommended intake of vital nutrients.

Get it everything you need to power through your day with electrolytes, antioxidants, and vital minerals and vitamins.

This tropical trail mix contains an exotic serving of black raisins, papaya, apricots, pineapple, bananas, apples, pitted dates, and golden raisins. That's 8 different types of fruits each with its own unique taste. You'll love the blend of sweetness and mouthwatering texture of this fruit trail mix.

Grab some of this customer favorite today to get through any challenging day working from home. You can be sure to stay motivated all day long with this classic snack.

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