The Best Healthy Snacks for Work

When it comes to powering yourself through your workday, sometimes optimizing your productivity, pushing out the best-quality work and powering through crunch time means making sure you have some munch time, as well. To give yourself the energy to endure the day, satisfy your cravings and hold you over until lunch or the end of your shift, sometimes you need the perfect snack for the office.

When you need a boost for your brain and an energy burst to tackle the most important tasks, it can be difficult to make sure you're selecting healthy office snacks — especially if your workplace offers vending machines and break areas with easy access to salty or sugary snacks. Even if grabbing a tasty chocolate bar or a bag of chips can seem like an easy, quick fix, it's more important to make healthier choices to fuel both your brain and your body, especially when you're sitting down at a desk all day. Looking for some healthy office snacks to help you through the grind? Here are some nutritious snack ideas for work:

1. Crunchy Granola and Granola Bars

If you're looking for satisfying snacks with a sweet crunch, there's no better choice than granola. Made with delicious, fiber-filled whole grains, oats and flavorful additions like nuts, berries and sweet spices, granola is a classic snack that covers your sugar cravings while also taking care of your health. Just make sure you monitor your portion sizes, so you're snacking thoughtfully. If you're more into hand-held snacks than loose bits, try making or purchasing your own granola bars in the flavors you crave!

2. Filling Nuts and Seeds

Looking for protein-packed, filling snacks that satisfy both your stomach and your taste buds? When it comes to healthy snacking, natural nuts and seeds are a great way to go! If you're aiming for sweeter options, try peanuts and pecans. For creamy and subtle, choose almonds or walnuts. Looking for something unusual? Hazelnuts, pistachios and pignolias are all excellent options. Seeds are also fantastic for filling you up temporarily and tempting your taste buds. Try pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or quinoa as a tasty snack. You can even mix nuts and seeds together for a marvelous, healthy mix to enjoy in moderation.

3. Delicious Dried Fruit

Craving something sweet? To get your sugar kick in without wasting all the calories, try a scrumptious serving of dried fruit as your healthy office snack. From peaches, plums and pineapple to apples and apricots, you can pick so many mouthwatering, all-natural varieties of dried fruit to enjoy.

4. Tempting Trail Mix

Mix it up with this tempting classic. Trail mix is tasty, sweet, salty and healthy in one satisfying snack. Choose the varieties with dried fruits and nuts as the base and avoid too many sugary extra ingredients — but a little chocolate in moderation is always a welcome addition! As always, make sure you portion your trail mix to enjoy it at its healthiest.

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