You can buy candy from any candy store you want. However, when you come online in search of it, there are basically two reasons for it. You want high-quality and you want variety. Well, your search for yummy and delicious sweet temptations ends here. At, we have the widest range of candies that will leave you wide-eyed and smacking your lips. We take bulk orders for all your candy requirements.

Sincerely Nuts is a one-stop, online candy store. We offer a huge selection of candies, from traditional favorites to the rare and exquisite varieties. Whether you wish to buy some candies for yourself to pamper your sweet tooth or to gift to your friends or are a company looking to buy candy in bulk, Sincerely Nuts provides a comprehensive solution to all your candy needs--be it for birthdays, baby shower, wedding or any festive occasion.
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Buying candy at our store is enjoyable, easy and secure! We undertake orders in all quantities and ship it to your door. Have fun, make select from one of the biggest assortments of candies online. We have the classic Jordan Almond -- crunchy and yummy almonds with a bright colored candy coating. If you have a wedding on the cards, our delectable candies and scrumptious chocolates can serve as great wedding favors. We also have the traditional favorites, such as gummies, jelly beans, popular candy, and sucking candy varieties.

We take special care in processing our candy. It undergoes a rigorous quality check before we ship it to our clients. We believe that candy is an extremely personal experience and we do not leave anything to chance to ensure that our clients have a candy experience that they will cherish forever. Our candy tastes so fantastic that it lingers on in your mind long after it has melted away in your mouth, leaving you yearning for more.

You can also choose from our more exquisite variety candy, which include popular candy, licorice, bubble gums, fruit slices, etc. and order in bulk or wholesale at fantastic prices. We also frequently receive bulk orders for sugar free candy, which is preferred by quite a large number of people these days. If you are planning on hosting a big party and want that colorful candy touch to liven up the ambience, we would be happy to provide you with great deals when you order in bulk.

At Sincerely Nuts, you can order anywhere from 1 pound boxes to bulk orders that go up to 25-pound boxes. Our customer support team ensures that you have a great shopping experience with us and that your transactions with us are safe and completely secure. We also provide you nutrition facts, ingredients information and storage advice for your convenience. Order delicious candies from our online candy shop today!

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The store is remaking the famous Mary Jane line of candy. In 1914, the Mary Jane line of popular candy began with peanut butter and molasses flavoured candy with a soft chewy peanut butter inside.  They were free from gluten, dairy products, and eggs and were one of the most popular lines of candy those days. Sincerely Nuts recreates the Mary Jane line candy using the basically the same recipe. They are even wrapped as Mary Jane. With around 4$ for a pound, this candy is surely a treat for all ages.

For lovers of fruit flavours the store offers popular candy like jelly beans with flavours of cherry, lime, strawberry, orange and lemon. There are candies that are ice cream shaped and oak leaf shaped which is hard and come in many colours and shape. This would be a treat for any child’s birthday party. Kept in a bowl children are going to grab them by handful and one needs plenty of stock.

For the picnic lovers there are the chewy crunchy juicy peanut chews. The outside is coated with chocolate and the candy is filled with roasted nuts with a chewy centre. The yellow coloured banana shapes nitwitz and the popular M&M’s are also sold at the store. A gourmet collection from the house of Sincerely Nuts is the Swiss petit fruits imported from Switzerland. These candies smell, look and taste like fruits. You bite into them and your taste buds will start to tingle as the juice of the fruit flavours oozes out. You can have mango, orange, pear, banana, cherry, lemon, etc., and the icing on the cake is they are fat free. So all you dieters order the petit fours and have them by handfuls. They make excellent gifts during birthdays and thanksgiving.

All the goodies mentioned above can be ordered online from the comfort of your home. No long drives to super markets or waiting in queues. You can order all the popular candy for home or for gifts form the house of Sincerely Nuts. Your orders are all processed on the same day and most major credit cards are accepted. If you do not wish to divulge your credit card information you can pay by PayPal or use cashier’s check. A very friendly customer care department works to have your issues sorted out. You can contact them on the toll free numbers. So get clicking for your bag full of goodies.
The popularity of candy down the ages cannot be denied. Kids and adults love to bite into the succulent fruit flavors or other variations that popular candy has to offer. Nowadays, so many variations are offered to the original candy versions. At Sincerely Nuts, we offer a stunning range of popular candy.