Mixed Nuts

Welcome to SincerelyNuts.com, the one and only resource for all your bulk and wholesale requirements for high quality nuts and other goodies delivered to your home. We offer an extensive array of high quality nuts and other assorted snacks that you can claim at wholesale prices. We undertake bulk orders from reputed restaurants and international chefs who wish to add that extra layer of luxury to their dishes and desserts.

At SincerelyNuts.com, we offer a delectable treat for your senses through an enthralling mix of freshly roasted brazils, pecans, almonds, filberts and cashews. Our mixed nuts contain no peanuts. We add a pinch of salt to the mix to create a taste festival in your mouth. We also offer the unsalted version taking into account your taste preference. Nuts make for a sensible snacking option for a variety of reasons. One factor is that they can be stored in bulk easily as they remain unaffected in taste and quality for long periods of time on your kitchen shelf. Two, you keep yourself away from other unhealthy snacking options like processed food or convenient fried or baked foods. Nuts have immense health benefits that you cannot afford to miss.

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Our mixed nuts are great for stocking up as they are a great alternative for your snacking needs. You can simply munch away on them without regrets on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or put a bowl of these scrumptious delights in front of your guests when they suddenly drop in out of nowhere. This surely gives them the feeling of being pampered without you even noticing it.

Our nuts are specially sorted and roasted in our facility to ensure that our customers get the full benefit of taste and nutritional value without compromising on quality. This is a great habit to cultivate as it offers you nothing but pluses. Filled to the brim with goodie-goodie fiber and heart healthy fats, these natural delights completes your nutritional needs.

Form the habit and be prepared. By stocking up on our exclusive mixed nuts, you gain on two levels. One, you get a fantastic deal from by us as these goodies can be extremely expensive to acquire at your local store. When you buy in bulk from us, you stand to benefit from our exclusive wholesale prices. Order anything from just a pound to 25 pounds to avail of these amazing prices. The second advantage is that you form a healthy habit and are prepared at all times for those unexpected parties or midnight hunger attacks.

At Sincerely Nuts, we are eager to place. Our mixed nuts are processed to titillate the taste buds of the most selective munchers. They make a great addition to your ice cream and other dessert options. You can order both salted and unsalted versions depending on your preference.