Sesame Seeds

Welcome to Sincerely Nuts, the ultimate destination for your gourmet snack cravings. We take bulk orders of high quality sesame seeds and other munching delights. Although many people are accustomed to seeing sesame seeds in a variety of places, such as a topping for breads, they may not realize how powerfully vital these treasures can be to your daily diet. We encourage anyone who is eating healthier to buy sesames seeds in bulk from Sincerely Nuts and find out just how many sesame seed benefits there are!

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An Incredible History

Sesame seeds have been used as snacks for centuries, as well as a primary or additional ingredient in tons of dishes including delicious tahini, a spread that you’ll often find in Middle Eastern cooking. Sesame is native to Africa and India, but thanks to manufacturers like the ones we use for our wholesale sesame seeds available in bulk, practically anyone can have instant access to high-quality sesame seeds. If you go observe Indian and Greek tradition, you will realize that sesame oil played a very significant role in day to day life.

Sesame Hulled

Sincerely Nuts offers the best sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and sunflower seeds etc. Our Sesame Hulled makes for a great snacking option at any time and you can easily store these wonderful and nutritious seeds for at least 6 months on your shelf. If you compare them with the natural variety, you will notice that they are lighter in color. One of the biggest benefits of these seeds is that they are excellent for the purpose of cooking and baking. You will often find them on top of rolls.

Sesame Hulled is an excellent source of Iron. It comprises of 70% Iron. Hence, for all those individuals who are suffering from Iron deficiency, this is a fantastic snacking option. The fact that it is extremely delicious makes it even better. Milk products, Soy, Tree Nuts and peanuts are some of the most important ingredients of this snack. We manufacture thisproduct in such a manner that you can easily store it for a period of 6 months. Ideally, storing it in dry place is highly recommended. You should avoid keeping it in a freezer or a refrigerator.

Sincerely Nuts offers this delicious snack at an extremely reasonable price. A 1 lb bag will cost you only $2.79. Hence, as far as pricing is concerned, you will never have to think twice before buying Sesame Hulled in bulk from us.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

The health benefits of sesame seeds are plenty. This is one of the reasons why people have been consuming them from a very long time. Sincerely Nuts offers high quality sesame. To begin with, it regulates the blood cholesterol level of the individual. This is mainly because the seeds contain Calcium and Iron in plenty which initiate the process. Being a rich source of iron, the seeds should ideally be consumed by women who are pregnant.

For people who are not very fond of milk and hence shy away from consuming it, sesame seeds are a wonderful replacement. It supplies enough amount of calcium to the body. The seeds further help in improving bone mass of an individual as well. Another advantage of consuming this product is improvement of bowel function. This complication affects thousands of individuals. Instead of opting for chemical based medication, regular consumption of sesame seeds are the ideal replacements.

Creative Snacking and Cooking

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate sesame seeds you buy in bulk from us into your daily diet? Try adding sesame seeds into smoothies, salads and even baked goods. Roasting them first brings out a richness thanks to their natural oils, which you’ll taste whether you eat them immediately or you save them to sprinkle them on poultry, seafood or roasted veggies.

Sincerely Nuts not only offers you these seeds at a very reasonable price, but ensures that it reaches you without delay. Once you place the order, the sesame seeds will reach you within 24 hours. The seeds will be fresh for consumption. The shipping is extremely reliable. If the product is damaged on arrival, you will be getting a replacement. So, make sure you place your order at Sincerely Nuts right away.