Gummies are the delicious solution to sweet cravings for kids and adults. Whether you want to indulge your kids or yourself, gummies are the tastiest snacks that will surely bring a smile on everyone's face. Sincerely Nuts offer an assorted range of gummies, including cherry sours, gummy bears, gummy worms, trolli sour squiggles, trolli large britecrawlers, trolli strawberries, trolli dinosaurs, gummy frogs, sour stars and cola bottles. These yummy gummies are ideal for parties.

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Cherry Sours

These gummies have a delectable sweet and tart taste of cherries. They come in bright red color, which is fun to look and yummy to eat.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears offer the perfect opportunity to introduce this lovable animal to your kid. They feature a toothsome flavor and have an adorable bear shape. They come in pleasant colors like yellow, orange, red and green. They add an extra touch and color to birthday parties. Gummy bears bring out the child in you. trolli bears are another variety of gummies from Sincerely Nuts, which look splendid in bright assorted colors. Trolli large bears are also available, which are perfect sweets after a meal.

Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms come in lively double colors, which enhance the fun. Hook the gummy onto your fishing line to attract this yummy worm. They are great for decorating cakes for your kid's birthday party. Trolli squiggles or worms from Sincerely Nuts are ideal for parties and movies. These soft and chewy Gummies are great addition to cookies and puddings.

Gummy Cola Bottles

Trolli cola bottles are great treats for anyone with sweet tooth. They have excellent taste and flavor. Give the gummy cola to your child and see the gleam of joy in his eyes. They are free from fat and cholesterol, so you can take them after meals without the guilt.

Gummy Dinosaurs

Trolli dinosaurs from Sincerely Nuts will definitely a great addition to the menu for birthday parties and family celebration. The taste and flavor are so indulging that you will never stop with one. They come in an array of colors like green, yellow and orange that adds zing to parties.

Gummy Frogs

Green gummy frogs have a nice flavor and fabulous color. Pop these gummies into your mouth before they hop away. The soft and chewy gummy frogs will surely be a hit among your kids.

Sour Stars

Sour stars have a lip smacking sour and sweet taste that hit your tongue and make your mouth pucker. They create a satisfied feeling after a meal. They are great for candy lovers of any age. The yummy stars are so colorful that you can use them for decorating party menus. You can also find fruits sour assorted Gummies in cherry, lemon, lime, grape and orange flavors that offer a fruit puckering pleasure.

Gummy Fruits

Gummy apple is soft and chewy. It has a yummy apple flavor. The gummy rings are seductively luscious, so you will pamper your sweet tooth delightfully. Trolli melon patch has a fabulous melon flavor and taste. These rings are perfect for party favors. Soft and chewy gummy strawberries are shaped to look like real strawberries. They have a creamy white bottom that adds to the fun.