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For many people, dried figs are a bit of a puzzle. How are they eaten, and where do they come from?

At Sincerely Nuts, our dried figs are harvested from agricultural professionals who understand how important it is for figs to have a good start. They use exceptional growing methods to produce fantastic figs which are then dried to be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

If you’ve never tasted a dried fig before, you owe it to yourself to eat one on its own. Just bite right in! The seeded inside is a rich puree of sweetness and aroma. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to reach for several more after the first one is finished!

You can use figs in a variety of ways, including in baking. Making homemade fig bars is far preferable to store-bought varieties, and we can produce a cookie that you don’t feel guilty about eating! Plus, you can always chop up figs to add to dishes from salads to entrees.

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Get on a Healthier Path With Dried Figs

Eating healthy has never been easy especially for the hard core foodie. Most healthy food is often bland and doesn't quite hit the spot. However, the same cannot be said about dried fruits. And when it comes to dried fruits like figs, what better place of find them than Sincerely Nuts. In fact, dried figs are known as some of the most nutritious among the dried fruits collection. These figs can be found in four varieties including Figs Turkish, Calimyrna Figs Extra Fancy, Calimyrna Figs Jumbo and Figs Calimyrna Fancy. While these types of figs are a bit different in appearance, their health benefits are more or less the same.

While fresh figs may not be found round the year, the same is not the case with dried figs owing to their long shelf life. This is just one of the many benefits you get with dried fruits. Apart from this, dried fruits are soaked of most water making them really concentrated in nutrients. However, these benefits of dried figs are not new to the world. Dried figs have been an integral part of ancient medicine. They were used for several purposes including treatment of skin problems, constipation, diabetes as well as cholesterol regulation. Though many of these claims haven't been clinically proven, the usefulness of dried figs cannot be denied.

Some of the many nutrients found in dried figs include vitamin K, potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. While potassium improves the body's heart and digestive systems, nutrients like vitamin K enable the clotting of blood. Magnesium is great for the immune system as well as proper nerve and heart function while calcium facilitates bone and teeth strengthening. The presence of phenols in dried figs lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a great extent. Again, they also help preventing cancer by averting cell damage.

Dried figs are rich in quite a lot of nutrients and it is also helpful for those looking to lose weight. Since figs are really filling, they help people control their appetite. Apart from this, better heart health which can be acquired by consuming dried figs also helps people fighting obesity.

Sincerely Nuts is known to provide some of the highest grade of these dried fruits and the prices you will find them at are also totally worth the bargain. The shopping process at Sincerely Nuts is really simple and almost like walking to your grocery store and shopping for your dried fruits. Sincerely Nuts makes it rather easy for a customer to log on and shop for dried figs. It is as simple as selecting the quantity of dried figs you want keeping price and quantity considerations in mind and shop for them using your credit or debit card. Once this is done, you can expect the dried fruits to be delivered to your door step in good time. Do not forget to create your account with Sincerely Nuts to make your shopping experience even better. There is no better place you can go to for the tasty benefits of good health.