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Sesame Sticks - Sincerely Nuts
Sesame Sticks

Sesame Sticks

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    Sesame Sticks

    Our Sesame Sticks Make Great Snacks

    How many times have you heard your kids complain there's nothing to eat when they come home from school? When you stock your pantry with our sesame sticks, you won't have to hear that tired refrain again. Sesame sticks make tasty after-school pick-me-ups for even the pickiest eaters. The unique taste will have your children looking forward to their daily dose of sesame. Add a sliced apple and a few nuts, and your kids will stay full until dinner with this balanced snack. 

    Another way to enjoy our sesame sticks is as part of a nutrient-dense trail mix. Combine sesame sticks, your favorite type of nuts, your preferred dried fruit, cacao nibs and your favorite for a snack that will keep you full for hours at a time. You can consume the mix on the trail, if you enjoy hiking, but it's just as tasty while sitting on the sidelines of a child's soccer game or while working through lunch to get an important assignment finished. 

    Other ideas for incorporating sesame sticks into snacks include: 


    • Crushing the sticks and sprinkling them atop celery with peanut butter for a new twist on ants on a log
    • Making them into a layer of a yogurt parfait for a savory treat
    • Serving with sides of applesauce and carrot sticks for a well-balanced snack


    Get the Lowdown on Sesame Sticks Nutrition

    You have probably heard a lot about the wonders of sesame. These little seeds are a powerhouse source of copper, an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the effects of swelling and irritation. They can improve your cardiovascular health thanks to nutrients like magnesium, and the calcium in sesame seeds fights everything from migraines to osteoporosis. 

    Of course, to gain these healthful benefits, you will need to eat sesame sticks as more than just snacks. You can also incorporate them into everyday recipes, so you get sesame at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are a few ideas you may want to try: 


    • Sesame stick-coated chicken: Instead of dredging chicken breasts or drumsticks in breadcrumbs before you cook them, use crushed sesame sticks.
    • Salads: You can sprinkle whole sesame sticks on your salads as a lower-calorie alternative to croutons that even pack a little fiber.
    • Soups and stews: Skip the crackers on your soups and stews. Top your hot meals with a handful of sesame sticks.


    When you use our sesame sticks in everyday cooking, you enjoy the nutritional benefits as well as give your food a different sort of taste. The result? You expand your culinary horizons and become a more interesting cook. The payoff for your family is better meals. Trying something new can even reignite your passion for cooking. You never know what you'll discover when you get more creative. 

    Buy Sesame Stick Snacks From Sincerely Nuts

    With our emphasis on supreme quality, fast shipping and friendly customer service, you'll never look elsewhere to buy roasted sesame sticks online. Plus, you can buy in bulk and save money on the price you pay per pound. Contact us today to get your sesame sticks, and you can receive free shipping on orders of more than $60.