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Mints offer innumerable health benefits. The most delicious way to avail of these benefits is to suck on mint candies. Sincerely Nuts offers mint sucking candies that contain natural peppermint oil as main ingredient. You can find an array of varieties like starlight mints, jumbo mint balls, Matlow’s crystal mint, starlight peppermint pin wheels and mint lentils, which leave a cool and refreshing feel in your mouth. Mint candies are great addition to part favors as well.

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Starlight Mints

Starlight mints from Sincerely Nuts offer a classic taste and they also look awesome. These hard sucking candies are great as an after meal sweet. If you take foods containing onion, garlic or having spicy odors, they could linger on your tongue for a long time. Starlight mints assure fresh breath by taking away these strong odors from your mouth. Whether you are in office or at home, take these mint candies after every meal to get a refreshing feel. These candies are free from fat and cholesterol, so you can take without the guilt.

Starlight Peppermint Pinwheels

Peppermint pin wheels candies freshens your palette after meals. They feature a cute design and come individually wrapped. Keep a few candies in your lunch bag and pop one into your mouth to get a cool and fresh feel. Whether you are on a date or have some important meeting, these mint candies will never leave you into trouble. They also create a soothing effect in your stomach and calm muscles. This in turn helps alleviate indigestion symptoms.

Jumbo Mint Balls

Jumbo mint balls come in round shape, which makes it easy to pop into your mouth. Jumbo mints offer the fresh scent of peppermint in your mouth, which helps reduce fatigue and frustration. They increase your alertness. Taking a mint ball after lunch will provide you with extra energy, so you will less sleepy. Jumbo mint balls are healthy alternative to sugary candies, so you can give them to your kids and make them happy.

Matlow's Crystal Mint

This mint flavored candy is manufactured by Matlow’s in England.  It has a classic taste. The hard sucking candy is made specially to dissolve in your mouth slowly. The refreshing peppermint flavor helps you get rid of bad breath and foul taste in your mouth. The candies are wrapped in transparent cover individually and they have an excellent oval shape. Taking a crystal mint after dinner will help increase  the flow of digestive juices. It stimulates nerves in your mouth, creating a cooling sensation, this helps you get rid of pains temporarily. Making decorations with crystal mints for parties and festivals is an exciting family activity. Your children will surely enjoy it.

Mint Lentils

Mint lentils are lentil shaped mint candies with a sugar coating. They are delectable treat for holidays and party favors. They are so colorful and gorgeous that you can use them while arranging for festive candy buffets. They are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth. They are a deliciously fun way to present cakes and other foods.