Our Favorite Sweet and Salty Snacks

During a long day at the office, in the middle of a hectic shift on your feet, on your commute back home, when you're entertaining the kids, when you're hanging out with friends and even when you're just kicking back on the couch after a busy week — any time is a good time for a snack that satisfies. When you're in need of something tasty, tempting and filling enough to hold you over until your next meal, you crave more creative flavors than a boring bag of chips.

Here at Sincerely Nuts, we understand the joy of snacking and the delight of unbeatable taste — that's why we make it our mission to provide a variety of fresh, delicious snacks and ingredients of all kinds. Whether you're a healthy snacker who enjoys the fresh flavors of fruits or a sweet-tooth enthusiast who needs a little temptation, we have the goodies to suit your snacking fancy, sweet and salty combo-style! Here are our best sweet and salty healthy snacks and recipes to enjoy when you can't ignore your cravings.

Healthy Veggie Chips

Hoping for a sweet or salty healthy snack that's low in fat and sugar while still providing a treat for your taste buds that keeps you reaching for more? Try our delicious dried veggie chips and beans. If you're looking for a snack with a satisfying crunch that channels chips, our carrot chips and veggie chips are sure to make your mouth happy. If you dare to be a bit different, grab a handful of our green bean chips, okra chips, dried green peas or wasabi peas, each with their own distinctive vegetable flavor and delightful crunch.

Delicious Dried Fruits

Need a little sweet to complement your salty without dipping into too much sugary indulgence? Our mouthwatering dried fruits are the perfect solution. From apples, apricots and peaches to plums, pears and pineapple, we carry a colorful, tempting variety of dried fruit snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep things nutritious. Mix them with granola for some extra crunch.

Tempting Trail Mixes

Craving that sweet and salty combo in one snack? Trail mix is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get in your salty fix with a snack that's still pretty nutritious! At Sincerely Nuts, we offer a variety of trail mixes to suit every kind of taste — from our classic Almond Supreme and Energy mixes to our more exotic flavors like our Hawaiian Aloha mix and Ambrosia Delight. You can even make your own mix by combining our chocolates, nuts, seeds, and other sweet and salty snack ingredients. If you love the individual components of our trail mixes — like hearty nuts and craveworthy chocolates — purchase them to enjoy on their own!

Savor the Best Sweet and Salty Snacks

Whether you like healthy or indulgent, sweet or salty, or a combination of both when it comes to your snacks, Sincerely Nuts has the ingredients and inspiration for an enhanced snacking experience wherever you go. Pick your favorites and purchase online today.

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