Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Losing Weight

In order to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake. A common misperception is that this means eliminating snacking. But, in fact, snacking is an important part of the weight-loss equation.

You need to snack between meals to ensure you don't become too hungry and ruin your diet. If you eat nothing but salads all day long without supplementing them with something between meals, you may get frustrated from all that self-denial and binge on cookies. If, however, you eat a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day, you're more likely to stick to your plan.

What constitutes a healthy snack? It should be relatively low in calories, high in fiber and also deliver a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Here are 10 excellent healthy snacks for weight loss.

1. Greek Yogurt With Chia Seeds

Greek yogurt has a zippy, tangy taste everyone enjoys. It contributes to your daily supply of calcium, too. When you pair it with chia seeds, it takes on a nutty flavor that contrasts nicely with the sourness of the yogurt. Chia also adds fiber, iron and even more calcium. Eat some spinach at your next meal to help your body absorb all the calcium.

2. Almonds and Grapes

Grapes have a strong, sweet taste that will curb any desire you have for dessert. When you pluck a handful of grapes from the refrigerator, you get the refreshing taste you will crave throughout your weight loss journey. Balance that out with the saltiness of the almonds, which are roasted and taste absolutely out of this world. The many health benefits of almonds include:

  • High in antioxidants
  • Packed with minerals
  • Loads of fiber

Fiber is the key to any successful weight loss journey. It keeps you satisfied so you are not craving food throughout the day. When you snack on fiber-filled snacks such as almonds, you will experience fewer moments of weakness when you find yourself in tempting situations, such as at a birthday party with cake.

3. Pepitas

One key to great snacks for weight loss is longevity. Any time you can find a snack that takes time to eat, you have a winner. Pepitas certainly fit the bill. When you take the time to chew each of these small pumpkin seeds individually, you get quite a long snack session. And there are so many different reasons pepitas make healthy snacks for weight loss, such as improving your heart and skin health.

Like so many other excellent weight loss snacks, pepitas also pack a big dose of minerals. One of those nutrients, zinc, can assist with boosting your mood. And an amino acid in these little wonders will ensure you get better rest at night. What more can you ask of a snack?

4. String Cheese

Need a portable snack for on-the-go eating? Grab a package of string cheese and store it in your backpack or purse for the ideal snack. You can eat the cheese very quietly if you're in a lecture hall or your office cubicle and need to keep noise to a minimum. Plus, you can bring out your inner child by peeling off each layer individually. For a special treat, stick string cheese in the microwave for 40 seconds and get a healthier version of mozzarella sticks.

5. Peanut M&Ms

Nope, that's not a typo. Remember what we said before — sometimes you need to feed that sweet tooth to avoid a later binge. By indulging in a small handful of peanut M&Ms, which contain protein thanks to the peanuts, you can kill a craving without killing your diet. Make this an occasional snack, no more than once a week, and don't eat more than eight, otherwise you'll sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Think of this as a needed reward as you strive for your goal.

6. Non-Dairy Smoothies

Smoothies offer the perfect way to take the edge off your hunger. Because they're made with fruits and veggies, they stay low in calories. But they have a large volume, thanks to all that blending of the fruit. You'll stay full for hours when you snack on a smoothie in mid-afternoon. Use a half-cup of soy or almond milk to avoid the bloat that can come with dairy products. Try these tasty combos:

  • Strawberry, kale and banana
  • Mango and spinach
  • Pear, banana and parsley

7. Carrots and Peanut Butter

You have undoubtedly tried the classic snack of celery and peanut butter. But have you ever enjoyed carrots and peanut butter? It's a surprisingly delicious combination. The carrots perfectly balance out the hearty taste of the peanut butter.

If you plan to use this snack as a stand-in for dessert, microwave your peanut butter for 20 seconds before you dip the carrots in. You get comfort food at its best. Make sure to use all-natural peanut butter, or make some yourself by putting a cup of peanutsin the food processor.

8. Chips and Salsa

Provided you choose the right type of chips — pick a low-sodium, whole-grain variety — chips and salsa can make for a satisfying snack. You get a serving of vegetables from the salsa, too. Just make sure you don't go overboard on the chips. Get a small handful and don't return for seconds when they run out.

9. Roasted and Salted Chickpeas

Do you love salt? You can fulfill your craving without caving to something unhealthy. Forego the salty potato chips and grab a bag of roasted and salted chickpeas instead. These even deliver a dose of fiber with the excellent crunch.

10. Frozen Bananas

Forget about ice cream. Frozen bananas are the best cold treat. Peel bananas, cut them in half and slide them onto a stick. Freeze for a day for an amazing snack. Want something a little more substantial? You can melt dark chocolate in the microwave and dip the banana in before you freeze it.

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