The Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Are you eating enough hazelnuts? Hazelnuts are famous as a flavor of coffee creamer, but not many people know about the wide variety of health benefits they offer. Loaded with high levels of protein, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals, hazelnuts can improve your heart health, reduce blood pressure levels and maintain your cholesterol.

So add them to your favorite smoothie or salad, or just keep a Ziploc bag handy to enjoy!

The Benefits of Eating Hazelnuts — A Hearty Snack for a Better Lifestyle

Found all over Europe, Asia and North America, hazelnuts are grown on trees and shrubs from the Corylus genus. Often called filberts, hazelnuts are small nuts with a smooth and hard brown shell and a sweet, pale-colored center. While you can enjoy a raw hazelnut, they’re much more flavorful when roasted.

Besides their sweet and succulent flavor, hazelnuts are incredibly healthy for you. They can:

  • Encourage weight loss: When trying to lose or maintain weight, hazelnuts are a perfect solution. They don’t have any cholesterol or sodium and have little natural sugar content. Low-carb diets are known to increase energy release during weight-loss management and can help improve obesity treatments.
  • Provide plenty of fatty acids and healthy fats: While fats get a bad reputation, certain fats are an important aspect of a healthy and balanced diet because they help your body absorb necessary nutrients. In hazelnuts, you’ll find a mixture of monosaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated fats that contribute to lowering bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Hazelnuts also have helpful omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help cell membranes by regulating inflammation and preventing hypertension.
  • Offer healthy doses of fiber: By eating only 10 hazelnuts every day, you can account for four percent of your necessary daily fiber. Fiber can help you maintain an ideal, healthy weight, making you feel more full, so you eat less. It can lower risks of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
  • Help keep your heart healthy: Manganese is the most important mineral found in hazelnuts and can help establish normal metabolism of amino acids, fats and carbs. Manganese, along with copper, is important for maintaining a healthy heart and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels low.
  • Deliver loads of antioxidants: In hazelnuts, phenolic compounds are the most prominent antioxidant. They can be associated with lower instances of chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants found in hazelnuts can also help protect your skin and body from oxidative stress.

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