What’s the Difference Between Peaches and Apricots?

With summertime in full swing, you're likely craving a bit of seasonal fruit. Nothing says summer eating quite like biting into a fresh, juicy peach, nectarine or apricot. When looking through your local grocery's store produce section you'll notice these fruits bunched together — but what, exactly, is the difference between a peach and an apricot? Is there a real difference at all?

In short: yes! Both are stone fruits with fuzzy skin, similar coloring and a sweet fleshy inside. Despite their initial similarities, peaches and apricots are actually distinct fruits.

How Are Peaches and Apricots Different?

The reason peaches and apricots look like the same fruit on first inspection is because both are members of the same genus group: Prunus. The Prunus fruit family is characterized by its hard outer shell that surrounds a single, larger seed at the center. This hard shell and seed combination is why these fruits are referred to as "stone fruits."

Besides their shared species, peaches and apricots are actually pretty different when you look a bit closer.


Peaches are almost always immediately recognized by their trademark orange and red fuzzy skin. Along with their soft skin, peaches are distinguishable by their size. They are typically about four times larger than an apricot. When you take a big bite out of a peach, you'll notice it's incredibly sweet taste and juicy flesh that'll likely drip down your chin.


While apricots look a bit like a peach with the soft and velvety skin, apricots are much smaller — normally about a quarter of the size of a peach. After biting into an apricot, you'll find it's less juicy and a bit more tart.

Your Favorite Summertime Recipes — Peaches vs. Apricots

When preparing your next summer fruit recipe, you may be tempted to swap out the required peaches or apricots for whichever stone fruit you happen to have handy. Most resources will claim that because of their similar tastes and textures, peaches and apricots are interchangeable in recipes. But can you really substitute apricots for peaches in a recipe and vice versa?

In certain recipes like jams, salads or beverages, using a peach in place of an apricot should deliver the same fresh, sweet flavor. However, apricots don't easily substitute peaches. This is because the fruits have different water contents — which can drastically affect baking. For instance, in summery fruit-based salsas or peach pies where juiciness is important, substituting the less juicy apricot could mean a dry finished product. Likewise, peaches could turn an apricot tart soggy.

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